November 12, 2008

Cuddle bags and acupuncture apparel

32135-400-168 copy.jpg

More in the wearable technology category, a couple of projects out of the Hybrid Wearables Workshop:

Cuddle Bag works like a mobile cat - pet it and it will keep you warm. Add LED eyes and a purring sensation and dare we say, the cat is in the bag.

e-Pressed is a shirt that claims to sense your emotions and accordingly light up which acupuncture pressure points should be touched to help you relax.

[via Pasta&Vinegar]

July 7, 2008

Lemon-scented socks help freshen up foot fetishes


Foot fetishists sometimes get the smelly end of the stick when it comes to the personal hygiene of their significant others. Thankfully, a new fashion "technology" aims to help the issue. A chemically-engineered lemon-fragrance microcapsule is able to be stitched into items such as socks and undergarments to provide a citrus-y scent all over. The engineers were able to use polyurethane-urea in place of the toxic formaldehyde found in scratch-n-sniff stickers.

June 23, 2008

Links from last week: Velcro, vibrators, and RFID recliners


Similar to the Skipped Over Sunday series of posts, "Links from last week" aims to give some love to the slightly less stale stories from the previous week.

• Sticky stuff: Velcro lamp shades and space dividers

Robotic RFID recliner tags along for when you get tired

Vibrating mascara sadly lacks bluedildonics technology [via]

May 5, 2008

Solar bags also biodegradable


The latest in solar satchels is Noon Solar. Designed with one-sided solar paneling, these purses can help charge your various gadgets on the go. The designs are definitely lacking but will prominently show off your love for the environment due to their biodegradable materials. Check their site for more in-depth specifications about going solar with your accessories.

February 5, 2008

Wine Rack bra brings new meaning to cup size

drinkbra.jpgWe can only imagine the situation under which this product came to be an idea. Tailored like a sports bra, this lingerie is designed to hold your liquor (quite literally). With an attempt at silly word play, The Wine Rack holds your wine within polyurethane bags that help fill up your front side. The bra comes with a built-in straw in case the idea of body-heat-warm wine sounds like a better way to keep your dignity than a round of shots.

February 2, 2008

Sight for the week's end

8-bit_dynamic_life_beforeandafter.jpg8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt. The closer you come together, the higher number of "life force" hearts light up.

January 7, 2008

Pin-ups push purses for Louis Vuitton

12771_4_468.jpgMolded into classic pin-ups, six supermodels are gracing some of Louis Vuitton's latest purse promotions. From Claudia Schiffer to Naomi Campbell, the hair is big and the legs are definitely long. The revisit to retro was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. We could leave LV's Spring Summer 2008 collection behind, but we'd gladly get on the waiting list for some pin-up-esque lingerie.

December 13, 2007

Stripped down "Shoppenboys" help women shop

abc_gma_salesmen_edit_071213_ms.jpgFrench shop Celio makes an effort to help women shop for their hubbies. Stripping down several men of varying sizes to their boxers, the cutely named "Les Shoppenboys" provide a human template for trying on clothes. Similar to picking out cup sizes on cute girls in a lingerie store, women can pick out the man most similar to their own to see how the clothes fit. Men who are bored with shopping everywhere owe these nearly-naked, fearless few a beer.

December 12, 2007

Fashion goes follicular

0apolilulu.jpgCorporate Adam & Eve by Adelle Lutz leaves little to the imagination. In fact, this latest fashion may be a good reminder as to why some things are better left under wraps.

December 10, 2007

Santa boots help heat up the holidays

usb-santa-boots.jpgSanta suits are sweeping the States. From Santacon to the slutty-Santas of Fredrick's of Hollywood, santarchy is everywhere. Heating up the holidays in a slightly different manner, the USB Santa boots help keep your toes warm during the hours of tedious online shopping. Between USB boots and a scorching laptop, mistletoe make-outs won't be necessary to maintain that warm and fuzzy feeling through the winter.

November 28, 2007

Company creates monthly work-in-your-lingerie day

11477_1_468.jpgPerhaps in an effort to get their 500 women employees more excited for the work week, a Taiwanese company did away with "casual Fridays" and went straight to camis and panties Wednesday. The company, Audrey Underwear, wanted to celebrate record sales of a new line of camisoles by asking its employees to come to work in nothing but knickers.

"We have been waiting for this day all month. Today, we are super high, and don't know where to put our eyes," salesman Cai Mingda told Straits News. More than 90% of female workers reportedly went along with the spirit of the day and worked in their underwear."

With all the palpable excitement, the firm made a monthly day to look forward to getting laced up. If only America could take after Audrey Underwear, single women would be able to ensure their imported and expensive lingerie would garner at least a few looks. For the self-employed, we'll be celebrating in style from the comfort of our home office.

November 11, 2007

Skipped over Sunday

[A weekly link post of skipped over (and slightly stale) sights and stories]
• Getting dressed inside-out: Mobius dress

• More cringe-worthy than white after Labor Day: MySpace users recruited to help fashion marketers

• An entire book dedicated to s'mores with marshmallow-y food porn goodness

Chopsticks + spoon = choon?

Carpet alarm clock makes you get out of bed

November 8, 2007

Order a C-cup of miso soup

chopstickbra.jpgAs we've seen previously, the Japanese company Triumph has a thing for making their undergarments unique. The latest in their line is a bra that has one cup resembling a bowl of rice while the other is a cup of soup. Environmentally friendly, the underwire boasts a pocket to hold chopsticks, inspired by the Bring Your Own Chopsticks movement. We're sad to hear that the concept bra is not yet for sale, as it would definitely have high Halloween costume demand.

November 2, 2007

Forget films, David Lynch's latest fetish is footwear

0aaloubout.jpgDeliciously deadly, David Lynch has partnered up with designer Christian Louboutin to create a frightening set of five fetish-worthy footwear. The "Fetish" line is to be on display until tomorrow in Paris at Galerie du Passage.

"Louboutin says of the collaboration, "The models wore these unwearable shoes with natural grace. Their very white skin, very dark eyes and bright mouths melded with Lynch's aesthetics…As is his habit, David Lynch made it into a décor populated with shadows.""

Lucky for Prada, Lynch won't take his passion for haute couture heels beyond this limited edition.

Elsewhere: Tracking fetishes on Twitter

October 31, 2007

Geekins, spookcakes and sextumes gear up for Halloween

snapocake.jpgGetting ready for Halloween requires more than a pair of fishnets to freeze the rest of the night in. Many are making the evening memorable with a variety of morbid recipes.

Perhaps among the most interesting, the Robotic Snap-O-Lantern was at the recent Maker Faire featuring pumpkin robots (I'm coining the term "geekins"). With a couple of Duracells, the Snap-O-Lantern turns on to be quite the deadly squash.

Craftzine and Slashfood are spookifying your sweets with Spider Cakes and Punk Glow-in-the-Dark Cupcakes.

If Snap-O-Lanterns and sweets aren't enough to satiate, Suicide Girls tackles the unstoppable sexy costume scene. Seemingly, sexy-anything costumes are the ultimate undead.

October 24, 2007

Mobile-focused fashion makes you warm and fuzzy inside

hugshirt.jpgMade for traveling or long-distance lovers, the Hug Shirt helps you feel warm and fuzzy in more ways than one. The shirt consists of multiple sensors that react to SMS by way of Bluetooth.

"Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel the strength of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate of the sender and actuators that recreate the sensation of touch, warmth and emotion of the hug to the shirt of the distant loved one."

Nominated as one of the best inventions of 2006, this mobile-focused fashion line has yet to hit the mainstream, but is currently debuting new models for 2007.

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October 22, 2007

Bored lingerie vixens hope for viral video success

Trying to tempt the viral nature of interweb videos, a few new ads from Elle Macpherson Intimates feature bored ladies in lingerie. The ads may also be an attempt at commercializing the increasing number of webcam girls that seemingly only sit bored in front of their computers as men boys unwilling to pay for PG-rated pr0n dare them to do silly things around the house. Attention-loving aside, the lingerie certainly doesn't go without notice. Adverbox points to other ads in the series.

September 21, 2007

Runway robots in disguise

As if straight out of Stargate, the latest trend in fashion is transforming. This Spring/Summer 2007 collection actively alters on its own. Hussein Chalayan, the British/Turkish designer responsible for the fad, is no stranger to this kind of style. Earlier, Chalayan created the descriptively named Convertible Skirt/Table. Unfortunately, the clothing doesn't make any cool Transformers sounds as it changes. But, as an anonymous SWBU reader points out, "any dress that dynamically shortens is a good thing".


August 31, 2007

Trends sans trousers

victoriabeckham.jpgWhat you wear around the house is soon becoming haute couture. Victoria Beckham supposedly likes skipping around with little to no air-drag. The sexy leg-shaved star is creating a trend of not wearing pants on the red carpet. Even if trend doesn't catch on, that's far beside the point. Actually, most would hope it doesn't catch on, so as to avoid a similar tube-to-muffin top fallout effect fashion trends often have years down the line.

August 27, 2007

Lingerie shop keeps fannies un-Photoshopped

lilleboutique.jpgBras and panties are often made to look pretty by someone slaving over a hot desktop for hours on end. Based out of Portland, a lingerie boutique refuses to Photoshop. Presenting their wearables and women in unedited allure, Lille Boutique takes a diamond in the rough approach to displaying products. In addition to their untouched techniques, they sell each of their store items online. Goes to show, a little unmufflered marketing can go a long way in the sale of unmentionables.

August 8, 2007

Pity parties over missed panty parades

236320142_7a4c4bcd7c_m.jpgCrying over spilled milk, many of you may have missed out on the "not-so-official" National Underwear Day yesterday. Like a belated birthday gift, treat yourself to photos of the line-up of tushes that could be seen in NYC the previous day. The cleverly named Queerty covers off on more of the dressing down:

"Started by Freshpair founder and Queerty friend Michael Kleinmann, the New York City-based event sprang from the pantie guru’s love of the groin and its many moods. Adapting 1960s happenings with guerilla marketing tactics, NUD began as a wandering event: sexy undressed models wandered the city spreading the word. Today, over fifty models will don eighteen brands of underwear - including Ginch Gonch, Paul Frank, C-IN2, Diesel, Hanes and women’s brands Natori and Barely There, among others - and strut their unclothed stuff for all the world to see."

[via / image via]

Inflatable fashion fails to flatter your fanny

0190000w%20copy.jpgInflatable fashion invades inner-city environments. Tired from public transportation, Joo Youn Paek crafted an air-pressured dress. The dress (along with an oh-so-sexy pair of slippers) acts as a Self-Sustainable Chair for exhausted urbanites.

"The dress is made up of 7 trash bags, 2 foot-pumps and a pair of slippers. The shoes pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step, slowly turning the garment into a chair. The chair is slowly deflated under the weight of the wearer, motivating him or her to consistently switch between walking and sitting as a loop behavior on the street."

Though the sight to be seen is sure to not garner a second glance in an "already seen everything" society above ground, bustling between station security underground may prove to be difficult, given the protruding tubes and trash bags.

See also: Inflatable Breasts Dress

July 29, 2007

Skipped over Sunday

[A weekly link post of skipped over (and slightly stale) sights and stories]

• Mobile gadget geeks prefer gaming over music.

• Japanese celebrate 110th anniversary of their immigration to Mexico with a 110-meter-long sushi roll. Mmm, delicious anti-assimilation.

Jane Fonda is planning to make an erotic film to prove couples can have fulfilling sex lives in their 70s.

Computer Ports Are Forever.

• Treat your tush to a cushion of cuddly pandas. [via]

July 26, 2007

Invading your closet space

space2.jpgFashion victim to space invaders, the latest in vogue video game garments are hoodies. Pretty in pink patterns or stylish in simple graphics, the hoodies carried at the Cool Hunter run at a not-so-80's rate of $150 a pop. This should come as no surprise, to a graphic that appears to get away with charging $45 for some stickies. Hey, we are living in a material world, and I am a video game girl.

July 18, 2007

A tid bit nipply

nippiesmor2.jpgGiving you the freedom to say "uh, no" to underwires and sayōnara to straps, a hybrid of pasties and padding protects you from being caught smuggling peas. Manufactured by Bristols6, "Nippies" aim to say bye-bye to being uncomfortable by going bra-less. The "my humps" hybrid works like pasties without poking through your top. The cover-ups come in stars, butterflies, and probably also kittens and rainbows filled with your hopes and dreams while they're at it. Nippies are perfect for the nice girls with a naughty streak.

July 11, 2007

Serving up game point pasties

708224352_dcf218c390.jpgRallying up the raunchy, lingerie label Ophelia Fancy created a provocative wear for Wimbledon. With tennis ball pasties and patterned panties, the outfit is sure to be inside the play area. The ladies at Knickers particularly like the knee-highs with knotted bows. The lack of length to the lingerie is sure to shock stuffy Wimbledon regulars, however nipple-centric costumes are anything but new to Ophelia's collection. From naughty nurses to seductive sailors, we're reminded of how delicious dress-up can be.

July 10, 2007

Clutch onto your man purse

nintendo1mb.jpgMake your man purse your main squeeze by holding onto it tight. A recent dive into research reveals that men typically carry around more expensive items in their accessories than women, making them a target for murse muggers. An average male in the UK carries around £319 ($637) in his murse while women typically only carry £255 ($509). The main difference in dollars is due to the fact that men are more likely to carry laptops around than women. Extra baggage is rarely ever a good thing, but in this case, you may want to embrace it.

June 27, 2007

Audience hopes Dell's Project Runway receives auf Wiedersehen

dellfashion.jpgWith white Matrix-esque cloaks and pastel lighting, Dell put on a fashion show to put out a new line of laptops. Alex Goldberg attended on behalf of Consumerist (video):

"We hypothesize the fete was conceptually tied to Dell's new line of Insprions which come in different colors, meaning that Dell has finally caught up to Apple, circa 1998."

The runway MC seems as if she can't hold back from laughing at the entire event much longer. Oh, where is Tim Gunn when we need him? Dell is so not making it work.

June 20, 2007

Analog pixels create digital design


Frustrated by Google Maps lag and insufficient auto-replies to email requests, a man created the Google Carpet in hopes that satellites would be more responsive than the auto-reply robots. The carpet served as a temporary marker for the 150th anniversary exhibition for the Royal College of Art.

Taking pixels more personally, designers Mike and Maaike have pinched Google for famous jewelry images. Pixelating the images to their peak, they're then transferred to leather. Google Image Search may be rewarding for inspiration, but any subsequent lines of 72 ppi only need to go so far as Bejeweled or Supermario.

June 17, 2007

Skipped over Sunday

[A weekly link post of skipped over (and slightly stale) sights and stories]


• That has to be the most distracting set of earmuffs I've ever seen. (28 things to do with an old bra).

Scratch & Strip beer bottles give bored bar hoppers hard-ons, get banned.

eHarmony rejects gays, won't take no for an answer.

• It's fashionable to carry a bit of meat on you.

• Astroglide up in your nut-sprinkled sundae: Cool Whip contains lube.

June 1, 2007

Anti-infrared gets intimate

guardshorts1%20copy.jpgProtecting your privates appears to be a growing concern among ladies. A new pair of panties made in Japan helps thwart off intimately-intrusive infrared photography. Called "Shot Guard", the unsightly underwear protects women and children from perverted paparazzi by blocking heat. The heat blocking seems to work both directions, however, as any unfortunate onlookers may turn off their temptation temperature.


Slit your styles

razorbladenecklace.pngWhiny and wearable, razor blade necklaces make your torture a trend. As if using safety pins for earrings and paperclips for bracelets weren't enough in middle school, you can now beg your parents for the $110 between angst-y outbursts for this sterling style. Punched with a heart, it's sure to be emo enough for your most recent anti-relationship revelation.

May 24, 2007

'Fuck me' boots yield to 'look at me' skirts

goglowp_front.jpgGlitter is obviously out with the old, as there are new ways to distract men's attention to shiny things. Though these LED-like miniskirts and push-ups raise heads up from Blackberries, they come at a price ($124 for the skirt, to be exact). The GloFur collection by David Lee appears to have a narrow audience, as only rave kids and girls with 'Princess' bumper stickers are allowed such fashion leniencies. The collection also features garments for guys. Gizmodo says the promotional video is slightly nsfw, but the only thing we could find "not suitable" is incredible lameness.

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May 18, 2007

Salad skirts make for bad dressing

wishbone.jpgWhile most of us are still feeling withdrawals from Project Runway, the stars of the show are busy strutting around shows. The lovely Tim Gunn hosted a fashion show at Grand Central Station yesterday around noon. Similar to the grocery-garment challenge from season one of PR, the show was a promotion for Wish-Bone featuring "Summer Salad" fashions. Pictures are yet to be posted, but from the looks of the website, the carrot top hats and lettuce leaf skirts seem straight out of a Bugs Bunny scene.

Ex-PR star Michael Knight teams up with Starbucks
PR winner Jay McCarroll teams up with McDonald's

May 15, 2007

Transformer watches: more than meets the eye?


Perhaps not first date attire, Transformer watches are wrapping around wrists in preparation for the Transformers movie debut. Although, fans know the original Transformers movie came out in 1986. Regardless, the 80s are back with this selection of retro Autobot and Decepticon wear. Seiko created eight new designs to launch on June 2. Though most geeks have ditched their watches for mobile phones, the Transformer Shield Watch may be hard to pass up.

May 11, 2007

She gets our vote

ballotboxbra.jpgA new bra brings a whole new meaning to stuffing the ballot box. With hardcore "vote or die" campaigns, voting promotions have been needing something a bit more soft and feminine to the touch. Triumph, the lingerie brand known for previous projects like the bra that doubles as a shopping bag, has created a new bra contraption that doubles as a pseudo ballot box. It's reported that Triumph is trying to target women with the campaign, but the thought of cute Japanese girls with push-up voting bras scampering around probably triggers more sparks of the masculine kind.

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May 8, 2007

Nanotechnology clothing fends off cooties

ong_2.jpgGlammed up with glitter, outfits that utilize nanotechnology could help keep the doctor away. Gracing the runway and coated with nanoparticles, the fashion fabric can supposedly warn off the flu, smog, pollution, stains and bacteria. Leaving the "Glitterati" collection to the geeks, Gizmodo explains the process:

"The dress' top part fabric was made by dipping positively charged cotton into negatively charged silver nanoparticles, which is the stuff that repels stains and has antibacterial qualities. The jacket includes a hood, sleeves and pockets with fabric treated with negatively charged palladium crystals, which apparently can oxidize smog and help against allergies and contamination."

Perhaps considered fashion forward by some, the outfits mimic hybrids: good for the environment, not so much the aesthetic.

May 7, 2007

Lingerie lifts tushes, flatters fannies

fanny_shaper.jpgA new form of panties pitches more than just tents. Underglam’s “Fanny Lifter” claims to boost up the shape of your booty with a combination of Rayon and Lycra. The pink-laced panties also come with a matching low-cut camisole that provide similar lift to areas in need. To no surprise, the flattering lingerie comes out of France, but the lingerie weblog Knickers has been kind enough to type out instructions for how to order from the French.

April 27, 2007

Solar swimsuits power up bikini babes

solarswimsuit.jpgPowering up the one-piece, solar swimsuits are sure to hit the market. The company Triumph wants to place the swimsuits on shelves soon, having already showcased them in Valencia. While the solar panels may be used to attract attention to glittery girls, they're meant to charge up iPods and phones at the beach. For the ladies, this is a sure way to get noticed, as you'll be more popular than an airport plug on a delayed flight. Unless, of course, you're in Boston, in which case the shiny lights and electric cord coming out of your butt may pose a threat.

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April 23, 2007

Glow-in-the-dark goes geek: panties for Tron groupies

0%2C%2C2007180414%2C00.jpgTo celebrate the 10th anniversary for Playtex's Moonwalk Charity, they skipped the MJ references and went straight for the not-so-subtle. Playtex is set to launch a line of glow-in-the-dark lingerie to the tune of Tron. While the blatant happy trail is hard to miss for the inexperienced (and unfortunate), the only bees this honey can expect to attract might come in the form of Jay Maynard. As if under-wires were hard enough to get past airport security. While the Moonwalk Charity raises money for breast cancer research, the sight of 15,000 women with glowing crotches makes the issue blindingly apparent.

Lingerie model wants audience to focus on her face

stewart.jpgLubed up for lingerie, model and ex-Paris Hilton accessory, Kimberly Stewart wants her focus to shift from fringe to face with a new contract in advertising. Stewart recently signed off on a deal with British-based Specsavers Opticians, perhaps in hopes of frame-fetishes everywhere. While Styledash claims that men hardly make passes at girls wearing glasses, lens-lovers don't make exceptions to the ladies. Earlier, Stewart inked a deal with lingerie company Ultimo before realizing anything but her face would be framed.

April 13, 2007

Panties provocatively piss off the masses

2007_04_12_sloggi.jpgWhile sex sells, lawsuits linger. Taking note of America's fancy for feuding, European lingerie boutique, Sloggi, approaches advertising in an off-kilter fashion. By purposefully targeting treacherous territory (Fleshbot points out mosques) with banned billboards, Sloggi aims for shock over seduction. Now with an interactive website, the French fanny line allows you to make your own politically incorrect content, just in time to piss off more conservative-commenters at Adrants. Wah, a LINGERIE line is using sexual imagery of women for advertising. How shocking.

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April 3, 2007

Sweet yet perverted

look8_1big.jpgHitting at the heart-strings of Shake Well Before Use, a shyly seductive Swiss girl slinks her way into fashion.

"The last person you would ever imagine creating the sweet yet perverted Locher's line, is an innocent Swiss girl, straight out of "The Sound of Music"."

Locher's, the Paris-based boutique, finds influence in found objects and flea markets across Europe. Digging through drawers may be somewhat of a specialty for the designer, Nicole. With one hand in grandma's handkerchiefs and another in 'classy' porn collections, this sex kitten of a sewer creates an interesting household hybrid. With tshirt titles like "No Time to Fuck", "Insatiable Little Thing", "I Love Porn", and "Just Good Boys Get Presents", it's hard to say no.

"To counterbalance the elegance and antiquity of the embroidery, she adds the playful charm of a dirty saying embroidered into every shirt."

Ah, a woman after my own heart. The last person you would ever imagine creating the sweet yet perverted Shake Well Before Use, is...

March 23, 2007

Visual void goes vogue

josephdomingo.jpgSeemingly a literal translation of the ghost in the shell, the latest look at LA Fashion week is haunting haute couture. Joseph Domingo's latest collection for Fall 2007 took artistic license with the concept of expression-less models.

"He taped the models eyes shut with nude masks so that they looked like they didn't have any eyes. It's still unclear to me if the models's eyes were actually closed, but I think everyone was just waiting for one of them to veer off the runway right into the audience."

While claiming a fashion is for the visually-impaired is typically taken as an insult, Domingo welcomes it. Whether insightful or an eyesore, the spectacle certainly grabbed more than just the audience's eyes.

March 21, 2007

Crafty women make for naughty knitters

2007_03_20_thongs2.jpgSend this one over to Craft:. A gaggle of women nested in the mountains of Poland mean business. Pulling up their panties sleeves, the women went to work on a new position for their traditional hand-made lace. Apparently not making headway with dolls and doilies, the lacy ladies began crafting hand-made thongs.

Fleshbot reports, "the women of the tiny mountain village of Koniakow [have banded] together to produce fine lace panties, bras and swimsuits that are decorative, sexy, and—of course—mostly see-through. The company is taking off, too, ensuring that this 200-year-old tradition of crafting will live on, even if it's under other people's clothes."

It's always a warm feeling to know that dozens of fingers have precariously perused your panties before putting a pair on each morning.

March 17, 2007

Sight for the week's end

422780886_22f11987aa.jpgSpotted SXSW geek shirts.

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March 7, 2007

Nice legs, want to fuck - up a fashion show?

PH2007030100253.jpgFucking up fashionably late, a fur protester bombarded a runway recently to make a stand, then turn and walk back, exiting stage left. Most likely a derivative of PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign, the protesting woman was without this season's hottest accessories or anything else for that matter. Despite PETA's stand-offish-ness towards companies like Burger King, surprisingly they seem to have a lot in common. Neither one of them can say how many sales (or non-sales in PETA's case) were a result of their campaigns, but men across the nation seem to applaud it regardless. We'd rather you be naked then wear fur, too. The audience of the fashion show seems to agree, as onlookers to the event simply commented, "Wow, she has no cellulite!".

February 28, 2007

'And you hit the jackpot if you attempt suicide'

Local news reports on the 'dangerous trend' of emo kids, sadly a decade or so late. With their dark clothes and hair covering one eye, it's best to shield your eyes and ears from their angst-ridden art. Before you know it, there will be emo's everywhere! Serving your fries, pouring your coffee, and even helping you in the dressing room of Urban Outfitters - oh, wait.

Best Week Ever asks, "Is there anything funnier than when the local news attempts to tackle "hip" and "now" issues like "blogs" or "emo" music?"

I'm still waiting on the 'emo bloggers' report - 'It's short for web log. But blogging is a trend that has gone to extremes. Their style is whiny, their look is jaded, they earn points by complaining a lot, more points for acting like they don't care, and they hit the jackpot if they attempt to unsubscribe from RSS feeds.'

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February 27, 2007

Powered-up Prada

solarjopowerpurse_01-thumb-thumb.jpgA powerhouse of a purse makes its way to the front of the fashion line. The not-so-latest fashion-tech, geek-chic craze is all about accessories. USB ports take out the terror of "one size fits all" labels by switching you from charging credit cards to charging gadgets. Though not actually Prada, it may not be too long before high fashion predicts green for next year's color. The Solarjo Power Purse (not sure if we should forgive the awful web design and photography for a good cause? - but c'mon, this has been out since 2005) will run you less than $300, but it'll be worth every penny to turn your nose up to your leather-bound, car-less friends as you pop into your hybrid SUV.

February 21, 2007

Sexy wrap-arounds for summer

axetowel1%20copy.jpgIt may not the latest on the runway, but it's the hot fashion item for summer. Made to coordinate with your natural bare skin, Axe's "wrap-around" towels are to be the envy of locker room chumps. While Coolz0r is uncertain of any man who would actually try to get the angling right, it's sure to end up as a fratboy present of sorts. Also, though it may be flattering to some body types, one has to think that if you've let a few beers go over the holidays that people are only going to assume you're with one equally wide-assed, chicken-legged ladyfriend. Does this towel make my ass look big? No, but it makes your dick look small.

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February 15, 2007

Change clothes in public

fabcell.jpgNeeding a change of scenery, or perhaps a fresh start to the post-VDay-letdown, a new type of clothing lets all eyes be on you. Breaking through the monochrome winter weather, Fabcell created the Fabcell system, consisting of color-changing modules to brighten up your outer-shell of baggage. The fabric uses flexible, color-changing textiles coupled with a controller for precision emo-matching visuals. Perhaps positioning itself as the mood ring for emo hipsters, the clothing is also able to respond to your body temperature, giving you a new, shrinkage-proof solution to changing in public.

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February 9, 2007

Sight for Friday

radEF664.jpgPassword protected panties.

Sidenote: I'm on a jetplane to San Diego today. Keep your eyes and ears to the RSS feed, as there may or may not be a guest blogger for your insatiable pleasure soon. Mystery keeps you coming back for more, no?

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February 8, 2007

Puff pastry passion for Paris

547743-668984.jpgGuilty pleasures and passions take out teases and live for lust. Mixing business with pleasure, a Parisian fashion designer by the name of Gaspard Yurkievich created the death-by-design 'Cream Passionel'.

"...a fifteen-euro affair that features dark chocolate mousse on chocolate cherry-flavored dough with ginger raspberry coulis, and topped with the gold-dusted initial of creator Gaspard Yurkievich."

The designer describes his creation as fetishistic, feminine, and frivolous; all 'délicieusement désuet' descriptions. While his name is not quite something that rolls off the tongue in a sexy, seductive way, he aims for your oral pleasure in alternative manners.

February 7, 2007

Chemistry meets couture

shirtsippycup.jpgWhile the majority of fashion-technology hybrids look best with a pair of glowsticks and various blips and bleeps playing in the background, a new collection throws science into the mix to produce some interesting results. Nano-Tex, a Califonia start-up, aims to marry style with sports. Using high-concept chemistry and fabric-enhancing technologies, various fashion-defying clothing has been created. These creations include soup-resistant ties, no-sweat shirts, "like botox for clothes" anti-wrinkle, liquid endurance, "wear 'em again pants", and anti-static fleece.

"Clothing designers are tiptoeing toward a new trend: high-tech apparel with a low geek-factor."

Something about videotaping a man drinking liquid out of his shirt pocket with a straw and just the use of "wear 'em again pants" makes you wonder if that "low geek-factor" is similar to "low fat cheesecake".


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February 1, 2007

Playboy aims to make women blush

PlaymateoftheYear.jpgThe new blogger to the Styledash team, Brigitte Dale, asks if Playboy should really be "the kind of company that should start selling women's cosmetics?". The answer is, of course, darling, who else. Who better than to give women everywhere those luscious dick-sucking-lips than the true experts? Accordingly, Playboy has launched Playboy Beauty, a line of cosmetics designed to fluff up flirtation. The Long Wear Eyeliner Pens are designed with an all day, "stay the night" formula, as the Shimmer Bricks powder helps give your face the healthy "afterglow". So, if you didn't get any the night before, at least Playboy knows how to fake it 'til you make it. Wonder if they have Melted Mascara and Freshly Fucked Hairspray lines?

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January 31, 2007

Freaks out game geeks for PS3

kctv.jpgAs Playstation 3 gears up for its March 23 UK launch, others fill the anticipation with awkwardness. As if out of some emo-rave-circa-1997 rendition of Hairspray, the geeks over at Sony tapped into a PS3-inspired fashion show in East London. The spectacle is apparently expected to be individually blogged about by the 120 attendees. Joystiq compares this hipster clusterfuck to Sony's 'All I Want for Xmas is a PSP' fake-blog-fuck-up, based on the pretty-much-forced Word Of Mouth strategy. Just be glad that they owned up to it - like K-Fed working in fast food for a commercial, at least Sony isn't the only fake soul pictured in the set.

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January 29, 2007

Bored blogger bares (almost) all

371614435_9e3e3bf21a.jpgWhile us ladies are known to self-portrait strip tease for ourselves in the privacy of our own home and boredom (you only need to look at the photo I have up to come to your own conclusion), we usually keep them safe and sound on our harddrives. Wanting to share her boredom with the blogosphere, however, Violet Blue documents her favorite panties to help relieve some stress. Also appearing in the pictures is her "blogger" tattoo which I'd love to know the backstory behind that one (also, what is with sex columnists photographing themselves with cupcakes?). With cute shoes, cute shots, cute panties (and a cute tush to match!), Violet takes care of our boredom as well.

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January 25, 2007

Salon helps post-weeknight-hookup hangovers

831_mainimage1.jpgYou may still have the same clothes on from the day before, but a new quickie shop aims to at least make your post-weeknight-hookup a little more easy on the eyes for your coworkers. BlowDry Bar is a three-station pod that offers hair styling from previous and current fashion eras. Created by a father and son duo, the hybrid barber shop is currently in London with plans to duplicate in New York. The beehive hairdo may not be flattering, but at least it'll divert attention away from the smeared eyeliner and run in your 'hose.

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Kate Spade reveals latest intellichic campaign

04_ad.jpgKnown for her design, Kate Spade reveals sneak peeks behind the curtains of her composition. Giving a selection of photos from her Spring 2006 collection, she also offers a "behind the scenes" gallery with the pre-silicon production value. The retro-hipness of it all may just make you want to bake cupcakes after a day of shoe shopping and hitchhiking. How bohemian-hipster (...bohepster?) of you.

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January 22, 2007

15 megabytes of fame: Diesel gets hacked

webcam.jpgBlackmail, a hostage, a little extorsion (apparently hackers don't have time to spell check extortion), some stealing of Diesel's website, and the latest campaign called Heidies is underway. With a bit of pleasurable trickery and handcuffs, the culprits are on a mission to become 'so f**king famous!'. Delving deeper into the covert operation, a live webcam shows the girls' latest victim alongside a poll of how to torture him. A live chat also reveals the desperate begging for more among viewers around the world. The Heidies are definitely delicious, but not so promiscuous, as they make sure you get what they're after, "No, we will not show our tits, been there, done that, didn't work". Here's to trying.

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January 18, 2007

Some fries with your fashion?

Tina%2520Fey_Starbucks_large.jpgApparently budding fashion designers don't see anymore success than K-Fed. With now two ex-Project Runway stars teaming up with fast food havens, it's a wonder that they sell any clothes to their sponsor's customers. One would think fashion and fast food would be mutual enemies, but a gig is a gig. Michael Knight, the Season 3 contestant who blew it in the final round, recently teamed up with Starbucks to create "My Starbucks" customizable t-shirts. No telling if Starbucks will give out mandatory "My [Your Name Here]" shirts to ensure their marketing message of domination isn't dilluted.

Contrived art gallery humor

01-17-moca.jpgUnwilling to hire a hooker in a cake for gallery openings, art snobs take artistic liscensing over the would-be showstopper. The Convertible Skirt/Table by fashion designer Hussein Chalayan is part of a current exhibit at the MOCA in Los Angeles. Exploring fashion, architecture, and interior design, the exhibit aims to literally and figuratively overlap the inspirations for each. For those going just for the free liquor, dare your friends to drink you under the table.

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January 16, 2007

From chic to geek

fashiontech.jpgReplacing fashion chic with fashion geek, Angel Chang showcases her line up for Spring 2007. The Fashion Tech show was hosted earlier in New York to display the latest in integrating technology with fashion. Aiming to not be just another cliche', Chang opts to create stylish and realistic applications of wearable technology.

"Fashion designer Angel Chang collaborated with technologists and artists to create the next step in fashion, what we've all been waiting for -- the exploration with technology. From special inks that change color or appear/dissappear with heat or sunlight to stylized iPod jackets, Angel's collection wasn't about gimmicky technology, it was beautiful fashion with function and new twists."

Pictured: The charmeuse borders of this 5-layer skirt contain a series of hidden 3-D images. A series of single image random dot stereograms (SIRDs) showing shapes of American weapons we see everyday on the news.

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January 15, 2007

Upskirts gain protection, lose popstar

paris_upskirt_1.jpgMadonna recently revealed her distaste for the upskirts galavanting around town. Crotchshots simply don't grow on popstars, as some prefer to keep the issue well trimmed.

"I've been hearing these stories (and) it's dreadful. I love underpants... I've come to New York and the first thing I hear is about everyone not wearing underpants.. What's going on? It's freezing outside." said Madonna to Letterman when asked about the no-knickers policy.

Oh, but Madonna, sometimes being a "non-material" girl in a material world can provide pleasant surprises to the glee (or in Britney's cases, disgust) of many. We all love our lacy knickers, but really, who has the time anymore?

The issue has even spread far east, where a city is being built specifically for women. The city is said to feature sidewalks designed for high heels and bridges at slight angles for those who wish to walk the town with minimal pervish peeping. Unless of course that's your whole reasoning, in which case you may not need a city, but it doesn't hurt to be a popstar.

January 9, 2007

Putting the sex back in heterosexual

magazine_030606.article.jpgWork those jeans, honey. Sporting the latest in pale skin and un-product-ified mops, heterosexual males take it to the runway. And don't think the latest collection could be complete without showing a little sex. Those rounded pertruding nipples are ripe for milking. As they say, "shake it, don't break it, it took ya momma 9 months to make it".

Update: Per alzack's comment, I've made a diagram ala' Perez Hilton to help find the points (or lack thereof) of interest

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January 4, 2007

CTRL+Z: Fashion faux pas

keyring.pngWhile you may not be able to hit the escape key on your marriage proposal, the latest geek-gush may make her ready for disappointment. AZERTY (what happened to QWERTY?) objects are the fashion faux pas, a decade late. Not sure if these rings will go with every outfit, but they're sure to get you more chumpy-geek attention than those mood rings ever did.

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December 20, 2006

Sworn to secrecacy

Prancing up and down the catwalk last night, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models turned glancing to ogling. Hosting hottie and Project Runway icon, Heidi Klum, MC'ed the event.

Push-ups and panties lined the runway alongside every girls' guilty pleasure, Justin Timberlake. With can't-miss-it, light-up typography and dancing silhouettes in every corner, hopefully Justin will no longer feel the need to announce bringing Sexy Back to everyone in earshot. But, we can only have "faith" as the equally sexy Depeche Mode would put it, who did not make an appearance unfortunately, but were at least in the mixture. Victoria also proved that her secrets aren't worth waiting for, as the show "secretly" lets you listen in on the backstage beauties coordinating the obvious "model needs to come from the left side, ok, now the right!". Vicky, take a cliff note from Justin and just look at those hips.

December 14, 2006

Fatties, fast food, and fashion whores unite

We already knew Jay McCarroll was a whore, but a company one? The Project Runway Season 1 winner that supposedly turned down the $100k in order to take a competing deal seems to have landed up in some equally not-so-bright predicaments. While there is much love (how can you not?) for Jay and all his fantabulousness, being paraded out under McDonald's narcissistic product launch is akin to a major fashion faux pas. Oh, Jay.

December 12, 2006

PussyCat or pin-up?

scarlett%20jo%20lv.jpgBest Week Ever points to two photoshoots of the bosom-beloved Scarlett Johansson. This week, Louis Vuitton unvailed their Spring/Summer campaign with a 1930s flare of pin-up passion. Also giving release this week was a photoshoot eager to please with a bit of pain. With spiked heels, a red lip, and uncrossed legs, the PussyCat Doll rendition left little to the imagination but much to desire. So which fancies your flavor, PussyCat or pin-up? Vote here.

December 8, 2006

Follow the happy trail to flawless viral

Picture%207.pngFor as much viral as there is out there on the not-so-vast interweb, it's easy to to become jaded and let the laughing-til-tears fade into snickering to snorting to lol-typing to an eventual "meh" with each YouTube link sent your way.

Following the happy trail of flawless viral, however, discreet Remington hits the runway and gives something for the ladies in the battle of body hair viral. Giving Philips' Shave Everywhere campaign a bit of one-ups-manship, Stefane Monzoen's collection puts out an array of eye candy. From the Precious Peacock to the Seductive Snake, Monzoen has erected a new series of trends that no one can quite place their finger on, despite their wishes. Women have a bit more creative freedom with their hoo-haw anyhow (someone tell Britney) so it was only a matter of time before pussy playtime. So, ladies, which folicular fashion are you sporting under that lace?

Pry yourself from YouTube and download the video here - (mov) or (wmv)

November 27, 2006

Kate Moss says fuck you to cancer and lingerie

kf21-cover.jpgSeemingly the best show that Kate Moss puts on for everyone is having a cigarette in a lacey pair of panties. Putting that to shame, Moss has reportedly threatened to walk out on a lingerie deal. The other party should take the white-nosed model's threats seriously, as she apparently also pulled the plug on a children's cancer charity. Like garlic to vampires, non-smoking sections seem to be the best way to fend off smug models.

The lingerie company, one of my personal favorites, Agent Provocateur seems to have been messing around in someone else's knicker drawer. Known for asking for 'punishment', perhaps Moss may be better off threatening an over-the-knee tactic.

"Moss reportedly is furious that the company’s owner, Serena Rees, recently ran off with The Clash bassist Paul Simonon, who happens to be married to one of Moss’s friends."

Hybrid design gives men reason to shop


Just in time for the holidays, the No! Shopping Bag Bra makes shopping for dates ever easier. Proving that design really does make our lives better, this hybrid design may just encourage men to enjoy shopping. Converting from a bra to a shopping bag, the No! Shopping Bag Bra by aims to reduce the use of plastic bags.

"The bra — available in red, blue, green, yellow and pink — is made from the Teijin Group’s ECOPET brand of polyester fiber, which has been recycled from plastic bottles through the company’s patented EcoCircle recycling system.

Triumph International Japan has a long history of developing eco-themed bras, with such creations as the Recycle PET Bra (1997), Eco-globe Bra (2004) and Warm Biz Bra (2005)."

Going comando never seemed so environmentally friendly.

(via: Treehugger / Pink Tentacle)

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November 22, 2006

Holiday birds turn up the heat

victorias-secret-show.jpgAs many gear up for long drives and equally lengthy preparation times, holiday birds sit and simmer. Adding a bit more flame to the fire, these birds require no pre-heating. Oh, Aunt Vicky's, always reminding us what to be thankful for. After a bit of holiday cheer, when the family has left to sleep off their full bellies, cozy up with your laptop and silently click away.

November 14, 2006

Risque' for the runway

-1.jpgClothing immerses in pleasurable visuals to create "high-end erotic fashion photography for the discerning voyeur."

NYC-based Milk Studio Gallery features "Diversity", an exhibition for the U.S. launch of S Magazine. While their heart is in Denmark, "the international full color glossy bi-annual magazine alludes the boundaries of mainstream fashion journals and peers through the gap where superlative fashion photography meets sensual, evocative and unbridled image making - then leaves the door wide open.". Though I rarely throw it out there, some of these are risque' enough for a NSFW tag.

S Magazine's "Diversity" Exhibition Launch Party is set for November 21 @ 8pm at the Milk Studio Gallery.

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One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

296423396_bd6112e336_o.jpgA bit of ass kicking with cleats, Umbro proves its boots can stand up to the test of S&M.

Violent femmes take on toned back-sides, for the "It Hurts" campaign. While any excuse to "innocently" glance at tight leather wrap-arounds is welcome, the photography speaks louder to the act than the shoe. Perhaps Umbro was hoping to garner up the same amount of anticipation for their shoes as some may have before a little S&M play time.

September 21, 2006

Sex doesn't sell

k64oq.jpg... if your product is prude.

Hoping to catch some of American Apparel's raunch-buzz, a Turkish clothing company attempts to cash in on dry humping.

Here's one for all the critics of sex in advertising: sex doesn't sell if your product isn't, in fact, sexy. Look at the models, the director couldn't even get them to 'play sex' in a convincing role in that crap junior's department clothing. Though, I guess that might fit the audience, as it's similar to asking two twelve-year-olds to act out their favorite scenes on Animal Planet.

(Thanks, Justin!)

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September 19, 2006

Like moths to a... light bulb

moth.1.jpgMissing a phrase by a word or two in the name of high fashion, Harvey Nichols captivates an audience with their off-beat allure. The series explores both attraction and intimidation through concepts interlaced with sexual anticipation. Pop the top to some bug spray, that tingling sensation may warrant a swat.

via: AdRants

September 13, 2006

Fashion police worked up so sexual

Picture%205.5.pngFashion week patterns nine-eleven's intellectual hysteria with a State of Emergency slideshow. Sneak peeks of captivating women in high traffic security, without fear of being screened. The featured photos in Vogue Italia prove that violent fetishes aren't just for the undressed.

via: Gawker

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August 31, 2006

Don't let the jet lag hit you on the way out!

chumped.0.jpgIf you didn't watch Project Runway last night, you don’t deserve to read this blog (Ha! Just kidding, sometimes I like to see if I could pull off ‘ruthless bitch’ for a day but I fail miserably by giggling behind my laptop). Speaking of bitches, the Coke Zero version of last season's Wendy Pepper, Angela, finally got the chump last night. The build up this season to her getting 'auf'd' was a tease but the climax was worth it.

The challenge was to design jet-set clothing for themselves and then test it on a first class flight to Paris. Potential turbulent champagne spills aside, they didn't show how long it took to go through security. Jeffrey had designed a metal happy trail for a zipper, though, from the looks of it, he may need a lot more help accentuating that area. Whereas Kayne went all out with a belt buckle in his own name, practically asking for a cavity search from security. I'd be quick to say that the judges didn't call it out because it might be below the, well... you know. If nothing else, I can't complain about sneaking peeks of Heidi Klum over a mimosa or two every week.

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