December 27, 2007

LED hard drive visualizes data storage

picture_4.jpgConceptual in form and function, a hard drive proposed by Degroenebanaan would visualize your data storage in an artsy way. Called the IVY, the gizmo focuses on manipulability and customization. Depending on the amount of data stored, the OLED screen can change from being completely blank to saturated with a Mondrian-like design

December 21, 2007

Fake it 'til you make it

AA045485.jpgNew research in the area of monkeys points to a natural reason for females to fake orgasms. Faking it may in fact help increase procreation rates, or at the very least, an enjoyable time for the male counterpart.

"Female monkeys may shout during sex to help their male partners climax, research now reveals. ... The researchers found that females yelled during 86 percent of all sexual encounters. When females shouted, males ejaculated 59 percent of the time. However, when females did not holler, males ejaculated less than 2 percent of the time."

Perhaps faking it shouldn't make you feel so guilty anymore.

December 20, 2007

Bristlebot takes on Roomba

bristlebot.jpgUsing a toothbrush head, motor and battery, you too can make a Bristlebot. After watching the video, we're convinced that the Bristlebot is some possessed mini-me version of the Roomba (Tantek has coined the term Toothba for the prickly palate cleaner). Admittedly, we'd like to create a whole army of them and watch them battle it out in a dirty bathtub.

Victoria's Secret Stuffer Bear recalled for choking hazard

08529.jpgWe all know that presents from Vicky's help us get a little kinky in bed, but we've never been the type to be into choking fetishes. Supposedly, Victoria's Secret Stuffer Bears are being recalled for potential choking hazards to young children. Yet another reason to keep Mommy and Daddy's "toys" in a safe place.

December 17, 2007

Toastvertising turns to spam

Unlike cupcake vs. muffin, toast vs. spam takes on a more creative route. Smelling of toast for days, a team created a little "toastvertising" against spam using 220 pieces of toast. Thankfully it wasn't the other way around, as the smell of spam for days is quite worse than any email selling b!g er3ct!0n_s.

December 13, 2007

Stripped down "Shoppenboys" help women shop

abc_gma_salesmen_edit_071213_ms.jpgFrench shop Celio makes an effort to help women shop for their hubbies. Stripping down several men of varying sizes to their boxers, the cutely named "Les Shoppenboys" provide a human template for trying on clothes. Similar to picking out cup sizes on cute girls in a lingerie store, women can pick out the man most similar to their own to see how the clothes fit. Men who are bored with shopping everywhere owe these nearly-naked, fearless few a beer.

Chocolate never tasted so geek

chocolate_folder2.jpgConcepting a cute hub for the holidays, designer Sang-Hoon Lee created the Chocolate Portable HDD. Unlike other gadgets named Chocolate, this design would allow users to actively "break off" USB pieces of memory similar to a candy bar. Complete with a touchscreen interface, this design is best suited for those who have a sweet tooth for storage.

Garnier and PayPerPost go for broke, fail at viral campaign and life

128347587844687500fail.jpgUpdate: The agency who created the site and Garnier appear to have been unaware of any activity executed by PayPerPost. The campaign itself is a cute spoof site, but didn't have the intention of marketing without transparency. Adrants is currently investigating who was behind the PayPerPost marketing.

We're begrudgingly posting this to out Garnier's lame attempts at viral marketing and potentially another blogging blunder from PayPerPost (though, we're sure they're smiling at the idea of getting any buzz):

Shake Well Before Use received an email from
"Hey- So I saw this video on youtube- I guess Garnier pulled sponsorship of this show, the harry situation, b/c it was too sexed up. -deana"
Of course, any attempts to Google this email address fail.

The YouTube video shows a supposed Garnier employee telling viewers not to go to in a very *wink wink* manner.

The Harry Situation site is a horrid attempt at a spoof site, not naming what networks, lawyers, etc. they were working with, but somehow managing to spill out the fill name of "Ganier Frucits" at any chance. A quick WhoIS lookup gives a vague address and another un-Google-able Gmail address.

Googling the name of "Todd Gruyere" only pulls up a handful of sites where you can post for free on (mostly free blog ranking sites). The sites that do contain blurbs about the situation, are all written in a similar style with the same facts on each blurb. Interestingly, these blog posts only link to "The Harry Situation", almost always twice in one blog post, and usually one of the links is a TinyURL (not surprisingly, various blogs are linking to the same TinyURLs, but somehow not to each other, nor to where they obtained this information from), something that isn't used often for blog links.

On this particular blog post, the site is again, linked to twice (with 2 TinyURLs). One of which is supposed to go to Todd's "blog", but when you click on the link, it (surprise!) takes you to an image of the "show" hosted on PayPerPost. Also, "interestingly", the same name of the image is used on the Harry Situation blog, only this time appropriately hosted on the site. Other blogs that host the post load PayPerPost data when you visit them.

Our investigative conclusion? Not only has PayPerPost Garnier (and potentially associated ad agencies) attempted to "game" bloggers, by somehow believing that they will link to anything without credentials, but it seems that they are incredibly insatiable in making themselves and any blogger associated with them become an evil empire of ridiculousness.

Dear PayPerPost, PayPerPost bloggers, and PayPerPost clients (possibly, but not yet confirmed, Garnier), please stop lying your way to links. It's pathetic and disrespectful.

Update: Adpuppet researches Deana Burke further.

Update 2: The content creator (Kirt) left a few comments below. It appears that Kirt and Garnier were unaware of the PayPerPost efforts.

December 12, 2007

Best Buy sends cease and desist letter to blogger

2103448719_ba1bc38179.jpgBest Buy has never been a popular brand amongst bloggers with all the buzz around their Geek Squad stealing porn. Recently, LaughingSquid received a cease and desist letter from the ruffled retailers for coverage of Improv Everywhere's trademark intrusion apparel. Apparently, Best Buy viewed blogs as promotion, rather than an authentic news source. Contrary to many Consumerist reports of bad customer service, LaughingSquid was pleasantly surprised with an apology letter and follow-up call from their PR department. However, despite the "front-of-the-house" apology, other departments within Best Buy is aggressively trying to shut down the blog, sending a DMCA notice to LaughingSquid's data center.

Update: The C&D letter was misclassified as a DMCA notice. More updates likely to come from Twitter.

[img via Scott Beale/LaughingSquid]

Fashion goes follicular

0apolilulu.jpgCorporate Adam & Eve by Adelle Lutz leaves little to the imagination. In fact, this latest fashion may be a good reminder as to why some things are better left under wraps.

December 10, 2007

Santa boots help heat up the holidays

usb-santa-boots.jpgSanta suits are sweeping the States. From Santacon to the slutty-Santas of Fredrick's of Hollywood, santarchy is everywhere. Heating up the holidays in a slightly different manner, the USB Santa boots help keep your toes warm during the hours of tedious online shopping. Between USB boots and a scorching laptop, mistletoe make-outs won't be necessary to maintain that warm and fuzzy feeling through the winter.

December 3, 2007

Laser hair removal taps into BDSM

Priciderm---2.preview.jpgSex in advertising sometimes pushes seemingly touchy subjects. Very few venture into fetishes outside of obsessing over whichever product is being promoted that week. Being a bit more bold, an ad out of Canada last year went kinky. Bringing attention to BDSM, the ad for laser hair removal displayed masked women in push-ups and panties with the tag line, "stop torturing your skin". While the ads were meant to combine the sex-and-shock sells tactics, it's unfortunate the spectrum of BDSM was tagged as torture. Some might prefer a spanking over repeatedly long laser hair removal sessions.

Matchmaker ads target travelers

399592231_75b919bef6.jpgAs if the holidays weren't hard enough on the down-and-date-less, flipping through in-flight magazines offer no relief for travelers lacking relationships. Gadling takes to the skies to summarize their recent findings from a Continental flight magazine:

"...their headlines read: 1. Eligible? 2. We have all been there. All your life you wonder if you'll find her. Does she even exist? 3. The more you have to offer the more difficult it seems to find the person who is right for you. ... The main question is: does extensive traveling make you lonely OR is it loneliness that makes you want to travel more."

The answer is yes. Services like AirTroductions offer more relevant ways to spark matchmaking in the sky for those seeking someone to share their experiences with. That being said, traveling alone can always be titillating with a pleasurable combination of people and/or places.