August 31, 2006

Don't let the jet lag hit you on the way out!

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chumped.0.jpgIf you didn't watch Project Runway last night, you don’t deserve to read this blog (Ha! Just kidding, sometimes I like to see if I could pull off ‘ruthless bitch’ for a day but I fail miserably by giggling behind my laptop). Speaking of bitches, the Coke Zero version of last season's Wendy Pepper, Angela, finally got the chump last night. The build up this season to her getting 'auf'd' was a tease but the climax was worth it.

The challenge was to design jet-set clothing for themselves and then test it on a first class flight to Paris. Potential turbulent champagne spills aside, they didn't show how long it took to go through security. Jeffrey had designed a metal happy trail for a zipper, though, from the looks of it, he may need a lot more help accentuating that area. Whereas Kayne went all out with a belt buckle in his own name, practically asking for a cavity search from security. I'd be quick to say that the judges didn't call it out because it might be below the, well... you know. If nothing else, I can't complain about sneaking peeks of Heidi Klum over a mimosa or two every week.

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