March 7, 2007

Nice legs, want to fuck - up a fashion show?

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PH2007030100253.jpgFucking up fashionably late, a fur protester bombarded a runway recently to make a stand, then turn and walk back, exiting stage left. Most likely a derivative of PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign, the protesting woman was without this season's hottest accessories or anything else for that matter. Despite PETA's stand-offish-ness towards companies like Burger King, surprisingly they seem to have a lot in common. Neither one of them can say how many sales (or non-sales in PETA's case) were a result of their campaigns, but men across the nation seem to applaud it regardless. We'd rather you be naked then wear fur, too. The audience of the fashion show seems to agree, as onlookers to the event simply commented, "Wow, she has no cellulite!".


It would be a dull show without the gatecrashers, although the act is getting rather tired. The Petides will have to up the ante to cause a sensation.
Take a cue from Equus, for example.

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