November 2, 2007

Forget films, David Lynch's latest fetish is footwear

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0aaloubout.jpgDeliciously deadly, David Lynch has partnered up with designer Christian Louboutin to create a frightening set of five fetish-worthy footwear. The "Fetish" line is to be on display until tomorrow in Paris at Galerie du Passage.

"Louboutin says of the collaboration, "The models wore these unwearable shoes with natural grace. Their very white skin, very dark eyes and bright mouths melded with Lynch's aesthetics…As is his habit, David Lynch made it into a décor populated with shadows.""

Lucky for Prada, Lynch won't take his passion for haute couture heels beyond this limited edition.

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Have you seen Inland Empire yet? Oh, and did you see that the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Set is out with both Seasons, pilot & tons of extras!!! I'm too excited.



I haven't! I'll try to check it out.

I was listening to a review of the Twin Peaks box set on NPR's Fresh Air the other day, and they played a clip from one of the bonus features where a few of he actors get together with Lynch, eat pie, drink coffee, and talk about the series. Well, I think it was Madchen Amick was talking about how she had just been cast in Baywatch when she met Lynch and he offered her the role on the series.

As she said it, Lynch didn't miss a beat, he goes, "Baywatch, what was that?" He had no idea, he was being completely serious. It was hilarious and enlightening.

Sorry. Just got distracted by those heels. Ouch! How can people walk in them?

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