November 12, 2008

Nerdcore 2009: Phasers and femme fatales


Sci-fi and sexy, the latest Nerdcore calendar has got everyone impatient for 2009 to start. Fleshbot reports:

"...those Nerdcore kids have gone and upped the ante with this gorgeous pic of Justine Joli, bare naked and in the arms of a robot."

This is definitely on my Xmas list - what better than to find a dozen femme fatales under the fur tree?

Cuddle bags and acupuncture apparel

32135-400-168 copy.jpg

More in the wearable technology category, a couple of projects out of the Hybrid Wearables Workshop:

Cuddle Bag works like a mobile cat - pet it and it will keep you warm. Add LED eyes and a purring sensation and dare we say, the cat is in the bag.

e-Pressed is a shirt that claims to sense your emotions and accordingly light up which acupuncture pressure points should be touched to help you relax.

[via Pasta&Vinegar]

November 11, 2008

Traffic sensors tap into mobile technology

copenhagen, amager, elbagade, damn useless mobile phone from nokia
image by svanes

Nokia yesterday started implementing a mobile experiment that turns your device into a community traffic sensor. By downloading software, GPS-enabled devices can receive real-time traffic info as well as output their own location-based data to contribute to the Nokia community of drivers.

"Nokia says the user-generated data is completely anonymous. Researchers are protecting personal data by stripping individual device identifiers from the transmitted traffic data, by using strong encryption and by drawing data only from targeted roadways where traffic information is needed."

Just an experiment for now, but Nokia is planning on expanding it with time.

November 10, 2008

Wireless gadgets for girls still weak


Wired reviews the LG LX600 Lotus, the latest "female-friendly" phone offered by Sprint. While the compact-shapped cellphone isn't annoyingly pink, it does value femininity over functionality, making it still a fail for understanding what women want out of a wireless device.

"Try touch-typing on that keypad -- just try it -- your text messages will look like Borat composed them. Fun Frames is the Jessica Simpson of photo editing tools."

Safen your sex via SMS

NYC condom

To lessen the blow of embarrassment and cost that comes to those fairly new to buying condoms, Marie Stopes International has created a campaign that taps into the texting habits of teens. By texting 19 SEXTXT, Australian students can receive 2 free condoms.