January 9, 2007

Putting the sex back in heterosexual

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magazine_030606.article.jpgWork those jeans, honey. Sporting the latest in pale skin and un-product-ified mops, heterosexual males take it to the runway. And don't think the latest collection could be complete without showing a little sex. Those rounded pertruding nipples are ripe for milking. As they say, "shake it, don't break it, it took ya momma 9 months to make it".

Update: Per alzack's comment, I've made a diagram ala' Perez Hilton to help find the points (or lack thereof) of interest

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Are you refering to that guy's nipple or somebody else's...I hardly see his nipple....,

Perez would have had white "stuff" dripping from dude's mouth.

Good catch! I updated it.

Ha! Perfection.