May 8, 2007

Nanotechnology clothing fends off cooties

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ong_2.jpgGlammed up with glitter, outfits that utilize nanotechnology could help keep the doctor away. Gracing the runway and coated with nanoparticles, the fashion fabric can supposedly warn off the flu, smog, pollution, stains and bacteria. Leaving the "Glitterati" collection to the geeks, Gizmodo explains the process:

"The dress' top part fabric was made by dipping positively charged cotton into negatively charged silver nanoparticles, which is the stuff that repels stains and has antibacterial qualities. The jacket includes a hood, sleeves and pockets with fabric treated with negatively charged palladium crystals, which apparently can oxidize smog and help against allergies and contamination."

Perhaps considered fashion forward by some, the outfits mimic hybrids: good for the environment, not so much the aesthetic.

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