December 20, 2006

Sworn to secrecacy

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Prancing up and down the catwalk last night, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models turned glancing to ogling. Hosting hottie and Project Runway icon, Heidi Klum, MC'ed the event.

Push-ups and panties lined the runway alongside every girls' guilty pleasure, Justin Timberlake. With can't-miss-it, light-up typography and dancing silhouettes in every corner, hopefully Justin will no longer feel the need to announce bringing Sexy Back to everyone in earshot. But, we can only have "faith" as the equally sexy Depeche Mode would put it, who did not make an appearance unfortunately, but were at least in the mixture. Victoria also proved that her secrets aren't worth waiting for, as the show "secretly" lets you listen in on the backstage beauties coordinating the obvious "model needs to come from the left side, ok, now the right!". Vicky, take a cliff note from Justin and just look at those hips.

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