January 22, 2007

15 megabytes of fame: Diesel gets hacked

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webcam.jpgBlackmail, a hostage, a little extorsion (apparently hackers don't have time to spell check extortion), some stealing of Diesel's website, and the latest campaign called Heidies is underway. With a bit of pleasurable trickery and handcuffs, the culprits are on a mission to become 'so f**king famous!'. Delving deeper into the covert operation, a live webcam shows the girls' latest victim alongside a poll of how to torture him. A live chat also reveals the desperate begging for more among viewers around the world. The Heidies are definitely delicious, but not so promiscuous, as they make sure you get what they're after, "No, we will not show our tits, been there, done that, didn't work". Here's to trying.

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Yay for Diesel for having the brass monkeys to play with their corporate site.. but with what I paid for my Diesel watch, couldn't they have splurged on some better acting talent?

(I said splurged, right? Right. Okay.)

Have you seen the video of the guy being forced to take a bath in Jello? Very odd, but but great stuff. This is the future of TV...Big Brother will never be the same again.

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