July 27, 2008

Sight for the week's end


PETA's latest ad.

July 23, 2008

Bedpost offers insight into your sex life

Screenshot by Chris Messina

Bedpost, a web 2.0 application that remains in alpha, aims to give you insights about your sex life. By entering in partners, time durations and tags to describe your "doing the horizontal" data, the app appears to build a calendar of stats and averages. Other multimedia functionality includes uploading photos of partners, in case you'd like to brag to yourself about your previous conquests. The creator states:

"I built it for myself about 4 years ago, and this is the culmination of years and years of thinking about how to make it available to the world. ... Before long, you'll have a rolling history of your sex life on which to reflect."

That is, if you really find it useful to reflect on the spirit of sexual past. We can only hope this service doesn't include a "people you might know" feature.

[Thx, Tantek!]

July 21, 2008

Using your tongue for tech

Georgia Tech Photo: Gary Meek

A new UI allows a user to navigate through it via use of their tongue. Developed for those with disabilities, the system leverages the strength and movement of the tongue to operate various activities. The Tongue Drive System was developed at Georgia Tech by a group of students. The device uses small embedded magnets and is said to be a better alternative to standard puff input methods.

July 14, 2008

Photovoltaic-powered LED wall lights up China


Called the Zero Energy Media Wall, this glass structure has embedded photovoltaic cells that operate off of solar energy.

"Rather than placing them uniformly, the cells are arranged in changing densities which allows for more natural light to reach the interior, as well as converting excessive solar radiation into energy thus increasing the building's performance."

The wall claims to be one of the largest LED displays in the world and officially launched to the public in June 2008.

Axe ad features technosexual body scrubbers

This would most likely get covered on the Engadget Adgadget column, but we decided to share it here. Axe's latest ad campaign features a team of technosexual females scrubbing down a dirty male in sexy-space-age-like suits. The commercial is for the Axe Detailer Shower Tool, made for those who like it a little rough in the morning.

July 10, 2008

Playboy picks hottest female bloggers


Playboy picks the top 2.0 girls that make them giddy. The short list includes Julie Alexandria, Sarah Austin (formerly Sarah Meyers), Veronica Belmont, Violet Blue, Amanda Congdon, Brigitte Dale, Sarah Lacy, Natali Del Conte, and Xeni Jardin. Though flattering, it appears that Playboy didn't clearly tell the "contestants" that voting by the public would determine who they would ask to pose in their publication. While some may be okay with the opportunity, others can safely shoot down any chance of that happening before the votes are in.

Recently: I was informed I was in the Top 20 Bloggers We Want To See In Bikinis

Photo: Courtesy Brigitte Dale

July 7, 2008

Lemon-scented socks help freshen up foot fetishes


Foot fetishists sometimes get the smelly end of the stick when it comes to the personal hygiene of their significant others. Thankfully, a new fashion "technology" aims to help the issue. A chemically-engineered lemon-fragrance microcapsule is able to be stitched into items such as socks and undergarments to provide a citrus-y scent all over. The engineers were able to use polyurethane-urea in place of the toxic formaldehyde found in scratch-n-sniff stickers.

July 6, 2008

Pet's Eye View could expose more than intended


The Pet's Eye View digital camera is a seemingly handy device for capturing photographs of your pet's activities during the day. The gadget can be set to capture a photograph every 1, 5 or 15 minutes, but alas only has storage for up to 35 photos. While the Pet's Eye View might be helpful in finding out if your pet is the one who keeps rummaging through the trash, we wouldn't be surprised if this was used to catch pet-abusing neighbors or cheating spouses in the act (cats can sometimes be *too* curious).

July 1, 2008

Time Magazine aroused by robots


The movie picture prominence of Wall-E has generated quite a bit of electronic lust for robots in the past few days. As such, Time Magazine has listed off their top 15 cutest robots. From the infrared-wine-identifying Sommelier Robot to the micromanipulating medical Micro Machine, these hunks of metal make us go bot crazy.