February 2, 2008

Sight for the week's end

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8-bit_dynamic_life_beforeandafter.jpg8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt. The closer you come together, the higher number of "life force" hearts light up.


aww now that's friggin adorable!

Awesome, cute idea. If I weren't single, I would be all over those for Valentine's day.

The sad thing is the Transmitter Box that they sell for "lonely geeks" to put near their favorite video game console, or whatever. I certainly hope they don't sell any of those. That would be a definite low point in the human condition.

I respectfully disagree with the above commentators: this seems to be just another way for cuter-than-thou couples to make me sick where ever I may have to see them.

I hate Valentine's Day.

Care Bears? No, no- E.T.

Reminds me of the friendship items that you can equip your character and a friend's character with in certain asian MMORPGs. More or less an exaggerated version of the same thing occurs when the characters get within a certain distance of each other (mini-fireworks, glowing hearts in back of the individuals, flying cupids, etc).

Oh, dear Lord, no. The mere fact that the couple in the picture is wearing THE SAME OUTFIT is bad enough. Isn't that normally something that happens when you're old?

Consequently, what happens when you wash it too many times and one of the shirts starts to malfunction a little? One person will have more hearts than the other person. That's a fight waiting to happen.

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