September 28, 2006

Bloggers, where are they now?

swbu1_watn.jpgIn advertising, you're only as good as your last project. "What have you done for me, lately?" in a sense. But in blogging, are you only as good as your last post?

It seems that in blogging, people are latching onto their has-been legends more than potential. For instance, Robert Scoble, the once public non-PR face of Microsoft; Dave Winer, the father of RSS; Strumpette, the infamous shit-talker (with whom rumors of Strumpette actually being run by a man and not the claimed woman author still exist) on Steve Rubel; etc. Despite the highly exaggerated perception of authority, they all bring unique content to the table (which is what makes a successful blogger and how you end up on my RSS reader).

In a 'sphere of seemingly one-hit-wonders, is the perception of authority based on SAT scores or true ambition and passion? Or, do the two automatically go hand-in-hand? Sure, bloggers have a resume that reaches far above and beyond, but unless you're a superfan, they remain known for 'that one thing' rather than a constant changing force in the blogosphere through their words. Actions do often seem larger than words, but should words be so easily overlooked because of a history of actions?

The blogosphere claims to embrace new emerging and different voices, but the perception of authority can be repressive. New bloggers are only as good as their last post, but is 'blog tenure' deserving of such leniancy?

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September 27, 2006

1mpr3ss s0me 1ne in bedd

pillow-with-text.jpg"Even though you may feel tired and drowsy your loved one can see how you feel." - James McAdam, 2002.

How about "Freshly Fucked"?

(I've been awake for 35 hours, my pillows have 'my name' embroidered on them).

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September 26, 2006

Is viral a reflection of desperation?

DSC02556_1.jpgIf bloggers live and die by content, is a viral effect only a representation of desperation?

If blogs, notably advertising blogs (note: viral isn't viral if only advertising blogs pick it up), are turning their dials to viral and constantly seeking it out, does their authority only communicate a misleading perception of viral behavior rather than a reality?

A blog certainly has the influence to create a contagious reaction, but if viral is a perception, the reach dies with their immediate audience's attention span. Does it matter if viral is a perception and not a reality? Perhaps not, however, if mostly perception-based, this could explain the point of friction between ad agencies and clients. At the end of the day, someone is asking for impressions and not touchy-feely write-ups.

(Blogging from the airport because I'm so fucking cool...)

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September 25, 2006

Analog gets squirrely

Picture%201.2.pngIn an attempt to breathe life back into the enjoyment of film, Scott Alan Johnson shows that you don't need an attention span to shoot analog.

I've always enjoyed shooting analog for the 'wtf' surprises you discover in the dark room. This Flickr set is similar to that kind of moment, in that all I could utter was "Wow...". Be on the prowl, ladies, the squirrel-whisperer is a-vail-a-ble according to his Flickr profile!

via: lomography

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September 24, 2006

London calling

62119086_cb79bddd10_m.jpgI'll be jet-setting back to London this week. I'll be taking suggestions on places to go or people to meet while there for the next week and a half. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line. Cheers!

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September 21, 2006

Sex doesn't sell

k64oq.jpg... if your product is prude.

Hoping to catch some of American Apparel's raunch-buzz, a Turkish clothing company attempts to cash in on dry humping.

Here's one for all the critics of sex in advertising: sex doesn't sell if your product isn't, in fact, sexy. Look at the models, the director couldn't even get them to 'play sex' in a convincing role in that crap junior's department clothing. Though, I guess that might fit the audience, as it's similar to asking two twelve-year-olds to act out their favorite scenes on Animal Planet.

(Thanks, Justin!)

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September 20, 2006

One ten-thousandth of a second captured in glass

1SplishBowl.jpg"Don't make me out to be an artist. I am an engineer."

Harold Edgerton has always been a photographer I looked up to while meandering through high school photo classes and art school critiques. I still remember my art teacher's jaw dropping when I told her that I didn't consider myself an artist when she had asked where I saw myself going as one.

Despite the friction of art school, it did teach me to consider all surroundings when creating anything. Jeff Zimmerman's Soft Explosion, inspired by Harold Edgerton's 'Milk Drop Coronet', kept that in mind when creating this limited edition glass sculpture.

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September 19, 2006

Pillage some booty

moran34.1.jpgSharpen those swords for some early pumpkin carving, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day. A bit too much of a sourpuss to submit yourself to listening to "arrrrggghh"'s all day? Align yourself with Transbuddha's ninja loyalty and burn down a Captain D's.

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Like moths to a... light bulb

moth.1.jpgMissing a phrase by a word or two in the name of high fashion, Harvey Nichols captivates an audience with their off-beat allure. The series explores both attraction and intimidation through concepts interlaced with sexual anticipation. Pop the top to some bug spray, that tingling sensation may warrant a swat.

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September 18, 2006

Sony's PS3 keeps you on your toes

Picture%2015.1.pngDespite the Sony's dramatic delays in launching PS3, they went ahead and launched a viral video campaign. The video, This Is Living, is a glance at the human element in gaming. Promoting real time and a system that actively learns from you, rather than programming, the PS3 is a "living, thinking, breathing opponent".

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Go go gadget spy cam

200608311752145.jpgWhile being an international woman of mystery or blogging a conference, it's smart to always have an array of gadgets at your fingertips. Engadget introduces the slim and sexy Alphacam, a multifunction USB device. This vixen comes equipped as a webcam, laser pointer, scanner, voice recorder, and portable visual presenter.

While most women have travel cases for make-up, I personally always carry around a little black case of various gadgets when I travel. I plan to attend the upcoming ad:tech conference in New York, and I wouldn't mind adding the Alphacam to my collection of spy gadgets to document the potential debauchery. Unfortunately, it seems that I would have to be a bit more of an international woman of mystery to pick one up, as they're currently only available in Korea.

September 16, 2006

Shocker: Numa Numa guy sells out

Not like any of us are ones to speak about selling out... But yes, the Numa dork is back in action, now in an exclusive partnership with the devil that includes such benefits as: ringtones, music, shirts, coffee mugs, bad logo designs, and a contest.

Just like George Lucas couldn't keep his grubby paws off of destroying the original Star Wars with "special" effects, so does the New Numa. Don't worry, the original theatrical version is available here.

So, any predictions on when the Numa guy is going to appear on Celebrity Fit Club 14, or whatever number they're on?

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September 15, 2006

No glove, no love: virally transmitted

Picture%202111.pngWhile bloggers act as the proverbial glove for protecting your inbox from lame co-workers emailing you to 'check this out!' (we usually give you the ammo to say 'well, Scoble thought it was shit'), virally transmitted videos are still making their rounds.

Viral Video Chart is a fairly new site, and they're already a favorite of mine simply because of this blurb:

"This is why ad agencies wet their pants. Imagine reaching 30m people for the cost of a round of drinks in your favourite watering hole? Rarely happens, though. While some agency work is pretty good most of it is staggeringly awful." - That "staggeringly awful" link? Oh yes,'s flacid penis of a video.

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September 14, 2006

Television technology transforms into flipbook

Picture%2010.0.pngThe 'evolution' of advertising takes one step back in order to move forward.

To the chagrin of media departments everywhere, DVR is consistently gaining momentum across their beloved Nielsen households. So far, the attempts to persuade users to view advertising commercials have been short-sighted, at best. Despite the buzz around KFC putting coupon codes in their commercials as incentive to maintain impression goals, they were still banking on the fact that one, anyone gives a damn about KFC, and two, anyone gives a damn about advertising. While there may be some who do, they weren't thinking outside the proverbial box. Mostly, they were trying to swim upstream the already established stream of user behavioral progression, rather than take it on as a new challenge.

Fortunately?, Colin Davies' "System for providing visible messages during pvr trick mode playback" leans a kind ear to advertising's cries. Advertising Per Frames (or APF, because I'm coining it and we all love our random buzz-word abbreviations to sound cool) involves embedding images in full frames that are shown when a user fast-forwards. While the advertising may lose some quality, it will gain impressions from the growing 'active' users of television.

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September 13, 2006

Fashion police worked up so sexual

Picture%205.5.pngFashion week patterns nine-eleven's intellectual hysteria with a State of Emergency slideshow. Sneak peeks of captivating women in high traffic security, without fear of being screened. The featured photos in Vogue Italia prove that violent fetishes aren't just for the undressed.

via: Gawker

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September 12, 2006

MySpace whore on whore action

myspace%20sexpot%20vs%20nerd.jpgLast month, Engadget reported on a 14-year-old who is suing her friend over a missing iPod. Don't be too quick to judge though, chumps come in all ages and sizes. This month's catfight debauchery involves a pair of MySpace whores.

ForBiddeN's failed attempts to get on the cover of PlayBoy landed a fight for the coveted, reservation-only 'Top 8' spot. Resident chump, who doesn't show his Top 8 because Tom won't even associate with him, bitched and moaned over not getting a spot after giving head "web design". According to Gawker, "Apparently the chief objection from Dolce's [ForBiddeN's] manager was that Michaud's MySpace photo is "super geeky" and "makes Christine look bad."" Alas, no lawsuit has ensued, but did they not catch the updates inbetween server downtime that allow you to have Top 24 now? Yes, now you have room to put up two dozen chump's photos that will stop one-handed typers dead in their strokes.

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Typography that will make you wet

waterwrit.jpg"The german Claus Winter, a friend of mine, developed a new technique for an installation-artist, making whatever word you type into the computer visible by a "water-curtain". You can type in the text from all over the world via the web."

View the san serif water in motion.

via: Wooster Collective

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September 11, 2006

For your disappointment of a weekend


Le Chef Chez Vous Chocolate - The Sex Replacer

Art direction and Illustration: GeĆ­sa Borrelli
Copywriter: Daniel Coelho

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September 8, 2006

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time

top20japaneseads.jpgList of 20, super happy fun Japanese commercials. Though, as commenters point out, they're not all commercials... and, well, they're not all exactly Japanese. But don't let that stop you from soaking in some laugh tracks and dubayu-tee-eff moments. And of course, there's some pervy ones for all you one-handed typers and friends of AdRants.

via: BoingBoing

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September 7, 2006

Making faces

BLOG1.1.pngMan loses 6 years of his life, puts dramatic backdrop to losing 6 minutes of yours (via Transbuddha).

BLOG2.0.pngGridskipper makes faces and talks typefaces.

BLOG3.pngParis faces off with record sales (via AdRants).

BLOG4.pngStatistics show that kids enjoy moldy veggies (via BoingBoing).

BLOG5.pngDon't make faces at the lunch lady, mystery meat makes faces back (via core77).

September 5, 2006

Google plays catch-up with Flickr

Picture%2017.0.pngPerhaps in a fit of jealousy over Flickr's organicly growing folksonomy and a bit of impatience on their own part, Google created the beta Google Image Labeler. Instead of waiting around for their community to create and build on socially interactive language, Google is actively soliciting users to compete for points. While not an organic process, being able to interact with someone in real time to create labels is a feature that other folksonomy-based sites (Flickr,, etc.) lack.

My only critique is on the points system - it seems that generating points only offers a listing in the Top 5 Scores. Perhaps because it is a beta version, that the points system is still being tweaked. It would be nice to see it be expanded to either offer rewards or leverage the competitive edge more in some fashion.

September 4, 2006

Sex and the city

3204-000014.jpgBulges out and suggestive emails in, it's time for Gridskipper's second annual Sexiest City contest. The deadline to nominate the city where you once got a little naughty behind an international landmark is Wednesday. But don't get your knickers in a bunch if it takes you a while to come; in off your holiday weekend hangover. Gridskipper will erect their poll for voting on Thursday.

The categories are:

Most Feminine City
Most Masculine City
Most Gay-Friendly City
Most Lesbian-Friendly City
Most Fetish-Friendly City
Most Heterosexual City
Sluttiest City
Least Sexiest City

And of course: World's Sexiest City.

So, who peaks your interest?

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Ditch the dirty for some defiant snobbery

Picture%205.4.pngThe Defini-tini, inspired by women's rebellion of wrinkles, is the latest in cocktails for Olay's new anti-aging line. While a few years late to make a product placement debut on the 'tini-saturated Sex and the City, this mixology is still trying to build some long-lasting chemistry with celebrities.

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September 2, 2006

Sight for the week's end


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September 1, 2006

Domino's delivers buzz kill marketing

Picture%2023.pngHave blogs lost their power? Scoble contemplates that he may already be a has-been. But have positive blog posts and free publicity become just walflowers, hiding in their permalink shadows?

Last week, I made a post about Domino's latest commercial featuring the Domo-kun-like Fudgems brownie square. My friends over at DHADM also made a post about the topic and received a rather odd message this evening in the comments, asking for a 'thank you' to be sent to the Marketing VP's personal email address. Not sure if this is Domino's (or their groupie, Missy's) new strategy for buzz kill marketing but as .alphamonkey. so eloquently said, "Um, why?". Perhaps I didn't receive my thank you request in my comments yet because Domino's didn't approve of how their commercial reminded me of everyone's favorite Domo-kun anti-masturbation propaganda poster.

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