February 28, 2008

i-Buddy attempts IRL emoticons

ibuddyct4.jpgCreated for compatibility with MSN Messenger, the i-Buddy appears to be a watered-down wannabe version of a Nabaztag. The device connects via USB and reflects emoticons received from your friends. If a happy emoticon is received, the gadget will flap its wings and light up, however if a angry emoticon is received, it will turn red. If only the device wasn't output only, we'd love to try it out as a tethered voodoo doll against our friends who are too stubborn to switch to Gtalk.

67 ways sex sells

booty_branding.jpgOff of the naughty ad feed over at Trendhunter, they've compiled 67 ways sex sells (we thank them for not holding out for a 69 joke). From Apple ass-vertisements to pin-up calendars (we recommend the cupcakes) and pussy-product-placements, the ads are something to look up to other than upskirts. Some of the ads may have crossed your sight before, but even we were surprised about somehow missing the "boobs as a paintbrush" campaign.

February 25, 2008

Tool creates textual landscapes

555_big01.jpgText mining for large bodies of literature, Tim Walter created Textour, an interactive tool that visualizes text in radial patterns.

"...it is possible to discover certain rules which show that every text is a system of words where length, position and frequency do not appear at random."

For fairly complex blocks of text, the process involves an intricate system based around sentences, words, and letters. Filters also help aid the process by providing text restrictions, lengths, and frequency.

"Every time a letter, word or sentence is entered into the program, the visualisation integrates the new item and the elements appear on the right point of intersection of line through the center and the circles and re-arranges the rest of the elements in a clockwise manner."

Walter's site includes the detailed documentation for Textour in German.

February 20, 2008

Art cars yield to art sleds

x-wing-fighter-sled.jpgWhile art cars dominate the streets, art sleds are now dominating the slopes. Crafted after an X-Wing Fighter, this art sled attempts to cut through the snowy hills of Minneapolis. Each year, the city is host to an art sled rally at Powderhorn Park. Potentially equipped with four laser canons, the X-Wing Fighter art sled would be sure to render the wooly mammoth and whale competition defenseless.

February 9, 2008

Sight for the week's end

russian-doll.jpgRussian geek dolls.


February 7, 2008

Video game upskirts glance at pixelated panties

Playing purely for the panty shots, a video game clip shows the desperate attempts at catching a glimpse of g-strings. Pairing Zelda against Princess Peach, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the appropriately dressed characters fighting often in mid-air. The player attempts to pan around for a shot of pixelated princess panties. We'd recommend that Princess Peach look into at least a knee-length skirts for avoiding being fragged. More importantly, we'd recommend the player to poke around The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive and get over it.

Art for the tasting

winewall.jpgDrink Away The Art is an installation by Hannes Broecker that explores taste buds. Each individual piece is filled with a colored liquid and attached with a faucet. The gallery welcomes people to pour a glass for the tasting, subsequently affecting the art.

February 5, 2008

Wine Rack bra brings new meaning to cup size

drinkbra.jpgWe can only imagine the situation under which this product came to be an idea. Tailored like a sports bra, this lingerie is designed to hold your liquor (quite literally). With an attempt at silly word play, The Wine Rack holds your wine within polyurethane bags that help fill up your front side. The bra comes with a built-in straw in case the idea of body-heat-warm wine sounds like a better way to keep your dignity than a round of shots.

February 2, 2008

Sight for the week's end

8-bit_dynamic_life_beforeandafter.jpg8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt. The closer you come together, the higher number of "life force" hearts light up.

High heels help keep a healthy sex life

0aaloubout.jpgA new attempt at a study aims to prove that wearing high heels can improve a woman's sex life. The research looked into the muscle and electrical activity around the pelvic area while wearing high heels. While the researchers are wanting to prove that the measurements equate to a better sex life, we're almost certain that the medical explanation lies somewhere within how other people's muscles react to the sight of someone in heels.

February 1, 2008

Txtshorthand used to sell underage sex

200405327-001.jpgA "sex ring" operated by young Japanese school girls was recently uncovered by decoding their use of txtshorthand. The girls were apparently selling sex to older men via mobile transactions.

"Take this piece of seemingly benign code, for example:
Ikeb = Ikebukuro. The neighborhood that the girl is in.
LURV = "I will have sex with you."
1700 = Time: 5PM

Yukichi2 = Yukichi Fukuzawa, the guy whose face is on the 10,000 yen note x 2 = I cost 20,000 yen
JC = Joshi Chugakusei (Junior high school girl. JS would be elementary school girl, JK would be high school girl)
1 = Grade 1. In Japan, 1st year of junior high = 7th grade. "

Unfortunately(?), this may make for a valid reason for parents to enforce no texting at the dinner table.