November 8, 2007

Order a C-cup of miso soup

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chopstickbra.jpgAs we've seen previously, the Japanese company Triumph has a thing for making their undergarments unique. The latest in their line is a bra that has one cup resembling a bowl of rice while the other is a cup of soup. Environmentally friendly, the underwire boasts a pocket to hold chopsticks, inspired by the Bring Your Own Chopsticks movement. We're sad to hear that the concept bra is not yet for sale, as it would definitely have high Halloween costume demand.


So, should I order you a pair for your birthday? I hope all is well in the West, I haven't forgotten about you baby!!!!


Justin Lake Whedon / Ebon

Are those real? The rice bowl and the soup I mean. The Japanese certainly have a unique way of making a point. After all, they're masters of innovation. Who knows? The rest of the world may just catch on. Maybe in ten years or so.

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