February 5, 2008

Wine Rack bra brings new meaning to cup size

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drinkbra.jpgWe can only imagine the situation under which this product came to be an idea. Tailored like a sports bra, this lingerie is designed to hold your liquor (quite literally). With an attempt at silly word play, The Wine Rack holds your wine within polyurethane bags that help fill up your front side. The bra comes with a built-in straw in case the idea of body-heat-warm wine sounds like a better way to keep your dignity than a round of shots.


I posted about the Beer Belly last year, and saw that they were developing the Wine Rack. Somehow it makes more sense to me when they were looking for cheap guys at sporting events.

this absolutly and unbelivably stupid... but hey... there are enough cheap guys and gals a some events...

When you absolutely, positively need to smuggle your hooch into that Fallout Boy show.

What about the Stadium Pal? Anyone else remember that?

i was just looking for the beer belly and then i see that "a beer sort of girl" got it covered- was the first thing i thought of when i saw this. and geoff, hell yeah i remember the stadium pal- that thing looked gross!

I'm going to say that it might work better for alcoholic beverages meant to be kept warm. Hey, next thing you know these are going to show up as regular items at anime conventions. (costumes that need extra "padding" + college aged individuals + hotel rooms + 4 day event + a group of people who might enjoy a type of alcohol that is generally served warm = perfect target audience)

I believe that Venn diagram would look a little something like this...


I'll refrain from arguing on someone else's blog despite my feelings on your assessment of my statement (although I'll say that spending time at certain anime or sci-fi/comic conventions is rather eye opening).

hmm, interesting enough you can get drunk, high and get off at the same time with this product.The human mind's never rests...

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