May 22, 2008

Bed projection provides 2D cuddle-buddy


Disappointing in its 2D lack-of-tactile-cuddle capabilities, this infrared-sensitive installation titled INBED by Drew Burrows projects an interactive female bed buddy for those forlorn nights. Spooning into you on your side and curling up when you're on your back, she's the perfect "I'm too sleepy for sex" virtual reality replacement.

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May 20, 2008

Campy porn promotes Palahniuk's new book

Violet Blue points us to the latest promotion for Chuck Palahniuk's new book "Snuff". Titled "The Twilight Bone", the short includes everything we love about cheesy sci-fi and sex, minus a bow-chica-wow-wow sound effect. With other installments like "The Wizard of Ass" and "Chitty Chitty Gang Bang", we're staying tuned for any other attempts at "sweded" pr0n.

May 19, 2008

Cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard


The latest ad for Electrolux taps into the the growing cupcake trend that some say has already jumped the shark. Old hat or not, the commercial claims to have "McHotties" knocking at your door with cupcake cravings if you have the perfect cupcake baking appliance. We only wish there was some truth to this advertising.

[Thanks, Steve!]

Canadians convinced web existed 3,000 years ago


These ads for Travel Alberta are currently on display in MUNI stations across San Francisco. The copy reads, "who knew blogging was so popular 3,000 years ago". Apparently, Canadians believe blogging stands for stone-logging. Who knew Canadians don't care about buzzword definitions?

[img via cmak]

May 12, 2008

Bikini lines promote Brazilian booze


These ads for Cabana Cacha├žam decided to skip over the usual tag line of "the national spirit of Brazil" in favor of a more prominent type of "line". Speaking of the one-piece-bikini tan lines of course, the series seems to be a better promotion of waxing your privates than having some hooch.

Women Against Genital Mutilation push shock factor


As if the topic of genital mutilation wasn't ear-catching enough, the Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation aims to catch your eye as well. Using blow-up pleasure dolls, their latest ads for 2008 effectively grab attention. Created by Contrapunto BBDO, the razor blade caption reads, "more than 140 million women in the world are condemned to feel nothing".

May 6, 2008

Artificial mouth could be robotic taste-tester


An artificial mouth was recently developed that has the ability to chew food similar to a human, making it a good robotic taste-tester to better understand flavor. When food is chewed, it releases compounds which affect taste. Using speed motors, mechanical teeth, and a pipe pumping "enzyme-containing artificial saliva", the mouth-bot is an almost-living, breathing (via helium, anyway) mastication machine.

May 5, 2008

Solar bags also biodegradable


The latest in solar satchels is Noon Solar. Designed with one-sided solar paneling, these purses can help charge your various gadgets on the go. The designs are definitely lacking but will prominently show off your love for the environment due to their biodegradable materials. Check their site for more in-depth specifications about going solar with your accessories.

Clone-tool war on nipples continues


Last month we pointed out the potential conspiracy to cover-up nipples in advertising. Yet another example perked up this month on an ad for Swedish lingerie brand Kroppsnara. Considering it's a full-frontal photo featuring a 1/4th cup bra, there's really no getting around this awkward lack of areola.