April 27, 2007

Solar swimsuits power up bikini babes

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solarswimsuit.jpgPowering up the one-piece, solar swimsuits are sure to hit the market. The company Triumph wants to place the swimsuits on shelves soon, having already showcased them in Valencia. While the solar panels may be used to attract attention to glittery girls, they're meant to charge up iPods and phones at the beach. For the ladies, this is a sure way to get noticed, as you'll be more popular than an airport plug on a delayed flight. Unless, of course, you're in Boston, in which case the shiny lights and electric cord coming out of your butt may pose a threat.

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Geeks rejoice everywhere!

Just think of the beach pick-up lines . . .

"Excuse me, can I plug into you?"

"Baby, can you charge me up!"

Somehow I don't think this is going to catch on :)

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