December 8, 2006

Follow the happy trail to flawless viral

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Picture%207.pngFor as much viral as there is out there on the not-so-vast interweb, it's easy to to become jaded and let the laughing-til-tears fade into snickering to snorting to lol-typing to an eventual "meh" with each YouTube link sent your way.

Following the happy trail of flawless viral, however, discreet Remington hits the runway and gives something for the ladies in the battle of body hair viral. Giving Philips' Shave Everywhere campaign a bit of one-ups-manship, Stefane Monzoen's collection puts out an array of eye candy. From the Precious Peacock to the Seductive Snake, Monzoen has erected a new series of trends that no one can quite place their finger on, despite their wishes. Women have a bit more creative freedom with their hoo-haw anyhow (someone tell Britney) so it was only a matter of time before pussy playtime. So, ladies, which folicular fashion are you sporting under that lace?

Pry yourself from YouTube and download the video here - (mov) or (wmv)


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