February 7, 2007

Chemistry meets couture

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shirtsippycup.jpgWhile the majority of fashion-technology hybrids look best with a pair of glowsticks and various blips and bleeps playing in the background, a new collection throws science into the mix to produce some interesting results. Nano-Tex, a Califonia start-up, aims to marry style with sports. Using high-concept chemistry and fabric-enhancing technologies, various fashion-defying clothing has been created. These creations include soup-resistant ties, no-sweat shirts, "like botox for clothes" anti-wrinkle, liquid endurance, "wear 'em again pants", and anti-static fleece.

"Clothing designers are tiptoeing toward a new trend: high-tech apparel with a low geek-factor."

Something about videotaping a man drinking liquid out of his shirt pocket with a straw and just the use of "wear 'em again pants" makes you wonder if that "low geek-factor" is similar to "low fat cheesecake".


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