December 15, 2006

Mile High Club fantasies entertained

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portugal.jpgFor hopeless romantics and mile high club fanatics alike, a new kind of dating/networking service offers to bring you closer to your dream. AirTroductions acts like an eHarmony for the open skies. By filling out a profile and interests, you're seated next to a "match" on the next time you fly. While mainly intended for finding a date, friend, or job, the fear of sitting next to one of the three dreaded "typicals" (the sickly, the chatty, and yes, the baby) alone should be enough convincing to at least try it out. While no immediate flights are in queue, the delicate mixture of fear and fantasy will probably make me give it a try.

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What a great idea! So much better than reading a book ... well hopefully.

Need we comment on the phallic design of the stylized arrow in the pic? No? OK, just making sure...

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