December 27, 2007

LED hard drive visualizes data storage

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picture_4.jpgConceptual in form and function, a hard drive proposed by Degroenebanaan would visualize your data storage in an artsy way. Called the IVY, the gizmo focuses on manipulability and customization. Depending on the amount of data stored, the OLED screen can change from being completely blank to saturated with a Mondrian-like design



You have a very cool blog hereā€¦loved the content.


Interesting idea.
I think it would tend to discourage defragging, cos it'd mess up the pretty picture.

That is if you assume that the Mondrian-like design is related to the fragmentation and isn't arbitrary or pre-set and completely independent of the data location on the disk.

can't remember how I found you on twitter but I just now finally visited your blog and i can safely say it is badass, -will be back frequently,
thanks for making the workday that much less painful,

(oops. crappy hyperlink above to my blog. retry.)

(oops. crappy hyperlink above to my blog. retry.)

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