December 12, 2007

Best Buy sends cease and desist letter to blogger

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2103448719_ba1bc38179.jpgBest Buy has never been a popular brand amongst bloggers with all the buzz around their Geek Squad stealing porn. Recently, LaughingSquid received a cease and desist letter from the ruffled retailers for coverage of Improv Everywhere's trademark intrusion apparel. Apparently, Best Buy viewed blogs as promotion, rather than an authentic news source. Contrary to many Consumerist reports of bad customer service, LaughingSquid was pleasantly surprised with an apology letter and follow-up call from their PR department. However, despite the "front-of-the-house" apology, other departments within Best Buy is aggressively trying to shut down the blog, sending a DMCA notice to LaughingSquid's data center.

Update: The C&D letter was misclassified as a DMCA notice. More updates likely to come from Twitter.

[img via Scott Beale/LaughingSquid]


My brother works at Best Buy, and when I saw the event on the Improv Everywhere, I immediately sent it to him. It got around the company pretty quickly--and everyone though it was awesome. I think the general consensus was that my brother's store felt let down that they weren't the store which got... "improv-ed". Best Buy should definitely chill out. Although I do understand the copyright issues with the sale of shirts, they shouldn't be so overzealous about protecting their trademark.

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