December 3, 2007

Matchmaker ads target travelers

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399592231_75b919bef6.jpgAs if the holidays weren't hard enough on the down-and-date-less, flipping through in-flight magazines offer no relief for travelers lacking relationships. Gadling takes to the skies to summarize their recent findings from a Continental flight magazine:

"...their headlines read: 1. Eligible? 2. We have all been there. All your life you wonder if you'll find her. Does she even exist? 3. The more you have to offer the more difficult it seems to find the person who is right for you. ... The main question is: does extensive traveling make you lonely OR is it loneliness that makes you want to travel more."

The answer is yes. Services like AirTroductions offer more relevant ways to spark matchmaking in the sky for those seeking someone to share their experiences with. That being said, traveling alone can always be titillating with a pleasurable combination of people and/or places.

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