May 3, 2007

Geek Squad scours computers for sex

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geeksqud.jpgConfessions of Geek Squad crew member prove to be more revealing than the last photo you kept of your ex-girlfriend. Apparently a 10 page paper on the inner-workings of Best Buy's Geek Squad shares the takeover from tech support to sales and the magic tricks of the trade. Perhaps the most pertinent of highlights included an entertaining easter egg hunt for customer's porn. Using USB drives, the Geek Squad grabs whatever remaining un-Flickr-ed photos and porn they can find on hard drives for their grubby one-handed typing. This ten-pager may come off as more-than-terrifying for ex-girlfriends and lonely guys alike.

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My friend and I were having a conversation about this a week ago. Mostly about why anyone would keep their own porn on their computer unencrypted...

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