February 7, 2008

Video game upskirts glance at pixelated panties

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Playing purely for the panty shots, a video game clip shows the desperate attempts at catching a glimpse of g-strings. Pairing Zelda against Princess Peach, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the appropriately dressed characters fighting often in mid-air. The player attempts to pan around for a shot of pixelated princess panties. We'd recommend that Princess Peach look into at least a knee-length skirts for avoiding being fragged. More importantly, we'd recommend the player to poke around The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive and get over it.


oh, sad SAD WORLD!!!!

You know, sometimes it isn't easy being a guy.

A modern interpretation of the old maxim, 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again'.

Robert the Bruce would be proud! And at least it keeps the kid off the streets and stairwells.

So I can follow the logic, i guess... kind of like cybering as a teen lesbian girl or something. You might do it, enjoy it, but what the hell are you doing TALKING about it? Seriously, dude? Keep that shit to yourself.

Upskirts n panties

This reminds me of when I was hearing all about Lara Croft, way back when. Some gamers made such a big deal about playing a game that has an adventurer with curves. I told my friends that I didn't see the big deal; It's a friggin video game character, not a flesh-and-blood girl, so get over it, dudes!!

Honestly, that's why I can't see myself playing DOA games or other over-sexed titles. A game shouldn't have to be eye candy for the testosterone-laden in order for it to be awesome. This is coming from a straight, happily married guy.

BTW, I love SSBB! Play it every week and I also have the first two in the series.

Response to Puzzlehead: It's very easy to be a guy, actually. It's a lot harder to live with integrity and moral character. Speaking to many women, I find it's hardest to live as a woman when all guys care about is self-gratification.

Ok, rant done. You have two great blogs, Ariel! Just found them today.

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