February 25, 2008

Tool creates textual landscapes

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555_big01.jpgText mining for large bodies of literature, Tim Walter created Textour, an interactive tool that visualizes text in radial patterns.

"...it is possible to discover certain rules which show that every text is a system of words where length, position and frequency do not appear at random."

For fairly complex blocks of text, the process involves an intricate system based around sentences, words, and letters. Filters also help aid the process by providing text restrictions, lengths, and frequency.

"Every time a letter, word or sentence is entered into the program, the visualisation integrates the new item and the elements appear on the right point of intersection of line through the center and the circles and re-arranges the rest of the elements in a clockwise manner."

Walter's site includes the detailed documentation for Textour in German.


for some reason I could not wrap my tiny pea-brain around this one...

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