February 20, 2008

Art cars yield to art sleds

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x-wing-fighter-sled.jpgWhile art cars dominate the streets, art sleds are now dominating the slopes. Crafted after an X-Wing Fighter, this art sled attempts to cut through the snowy hills of Minneapolis. Each year, the city is host to an art sled rally at Powderhorn Park. Potentially equipped with four laser canons, the X-Wing Fighter art sled would be sure to render the wooly mammoth and whale competition defenseless.


How did something this cool in my own town get past my radar!? I SOOO would've been flying down that hill on some contraption.

haha~nice blog, just want to say well done

I haven't seen any of those art cars but I wish people in my country would start incorporating art into their cars more. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to go beyond the usual small size stickers, preferring to keep the usual colors their cars came in with. We don't have snow here so no art sleds either. Lucky you.

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