February 1, 2008

Txtshorthand used to sell underage sex

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200405327-001.jpgA "sex ring" operated by young Japanese school girls was recently uncovered by decoding their use of txtshorthand. The girls were apparently selling sex to older men via mobile transactions.

"Take this piece of seemingly benign code, for example:
Ikeb = Ikebukuro. The neighborhood that the girl is in.
LURV = "I will have sex with you."
1700 = Time: 5PM

Yukichi2 = Yukichi Fukuzawa, the guy whose face is on the 10,000 yen note x 2 = I cost 20,000 yen
JC = Joshi Chugakusei (Junior high school girl. JS would be elementary school girl, JK would be high school girl)
1 = Grade 1. In Japan, 1st year of junior high = 7th grade. "

Unfortunately(?), this may make for a valid reason for parents to enforce no texting at the dinner table.


This is creepy. I would never expect to get that out of the text message. Its not really a crypto system as in a mathematical sense but more of the lingo you must know to figure out what it means.

Are you sure she didn't just leave her keypad unlocked when she shoved it in her handbag?

My carkeys 'wrote' the following on my cellphone this morning:


I'd had to be arrested for soliciting via text!!

That is some scary stuff. I mean the fact that a 7th grader is soliciting for sex. But then again, I know nothing of Japanese culture and laws, so maybe it's perfectly alright, but it still creeps me out. And they're running it themselves! Isn't there a less risque business they could start that may be just as lucrative?

Wow thats crazy. Japan always has some interesting underground stuff going on

The Japanese constitution states that a child is anyone under 17. That the age of majority (voting and driving anything more than a motorcycle/moped with an engine over a certain amount of CCs) is 20. Criminal code states that the age of consent is 13 and that you can marry at the age of 16 (for girls) and 18 (for guys). However, each prefecture (sort of like a state) has different laws regarding the age of consent with some setting it as high as 17. So that basically means that you might want to check the laws in the prefecture you're going to engage in said activities. Of course I wouldn't suggest engaging in those activities for obvious reasons.

Of course under these laws anything that's short of sex technically isn't sex. So thus there are businesses with seemingly underaged girls performing rather provocative acts and engaging in rather risque activities and it's technically legal (soaplands, special massages, business that charge you to grope the girls, etc).

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