May 12, 2008

Women Against Genital Mutilation push shock factor

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As if the topic of genital mutilation wasn't ear-catching enough, the Association of Women Against Genital Mutilation aims to catch your eye as well. Using blow-up pleasure dolls, their latest ads for 2008 effectively grab attention. Created by Contrapunto BBDO, the razor blade caption reads, "more than 140 million women in the world are condemned to feel nothing".


In some cultures I know that they sow them up to protect their virginity. Right or wrong, this happens.

As far as using a razor blade for some sick pleasure that is unwanted by the female, then that is just plain wrong.

I do not use the term 'genital mutilation' as it denotes a complete socio-cultural political negative.

There ARE some women within those societies for reasons not understood by me or other Westerners that conform to and welcome this 'rite of passage.' It is a cultural thing.

I am uneasy, (though I do not agree with the procedure) of naming it 'genital mutiliation' from the distance of safety, my cultural norms and opportunities present to me within my American society.

What are we, as objectors and essentially passing judgement from afar, doing to offer the women who are subject to and participants in this practice, in terms of job opportunites, changing the patriarchial systems in place (as well as here in American), and changing a practice that has existed for over 2,000 years?!

More factors have to intelligently figure into the equation other than our visceral disgust for this practice and procedure.

Adrienne Zurub

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