May 19, 2008

Cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard

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The latest ad for Electrolux taps into the the growing cupcake trend that some say has already jumped the shark. Old hat or not, the commercial claims to have "McHotties" knocking at your door with cupcake cravings if you have the perfect cupcake baking appliance. We only wish there was some truth to this advertising.

[Thanks, Steve!]


I certainly couldn't resist that headline. Good one Ariel! And that commercial is funny. Yeah, no kidding, too bad there wasn't truth to that ad.

I'll admit, if I had a neighbor that handed out cupcakes at the door, I would be knocking. For now I just think of you as the cupcake lady :)

I thought the message of the ad was:

The kitchen: it's not just a place for married women.

love cupcakes myself..but a stranger knocking on my door and suddenly giving me one?..hmm..not sure bout' that..

In Europe we'll see your tiny cup cakes and raise you one to
a "small car cake"

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