May 5, 2008

Clone-tool war on nipples continues

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Last month we pointed out the potential conspiracy to cover-up nipples in advertising. Yet another example perked up this month on an ad for Swedish lingerie brand Kroppsnara. Considering it's a full-frontal photo featuring a 1/4th cup bra, there's really no getting around this awkward lack of areola.


That is downright disturbing, thanks for creeping me out tonight.

Came here by mistake... will be coming back! I still can't believe it's an ad in Sweden - it may be a Swedish company, but is it a US ad? Please just say yes.

Those boobs don't look remotely human. Even with the areola, they'd look like inflatable balls with areola painted on them.

Cylon perhaps? You know that Scoble is building a race of them. Guess one of them got a modeling gig.

In all seriousness, that is very disturbing.

I recently discovered that some women let babies see and even suck on their nipples! Not only is this practice technically legal, but some liberals and evolutionists even encourage it. I can't believe how sick these people are.

Oh yeah. Nipples. They're so subversive and terrifying. That's... just completely insane.

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