May 12, 2008

Bikini lines promote Brazilian booze

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These ads for Cabana Cacha├žam decided to skip over the usual tag line of "the national spirit of Brazil" in favor of a more prominent type of "line". Speaking of the one-piece-bikini tan lines of course, the series seems to be a better promotion of waxing your privates than having some hooch.


So, if I put some of these bottles in my back yard, I will attract hot naked sun bathers in high heals?


Wow. Still no nipples, though. Now where did I read that post? Yep, here. Still, I do like a good rum and will be trying this one at the duty free next week. Keep this survey going, Ariel.

Hooch, cooch: sometimes there's just so little separating them.

Airel ... I really appreciate this blog. It's so funny how American's are hung up on body image. I was amazed when I saw the new Playtex Bra had on Mainstream television. That is a positive step.

I'd like to speak to you someday about my experiences I think there is a book in it, but I'm no writer.

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