July 14, 2008

Axe ad features technosexual body scrubbers

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This would most likely get covered on the Engadget Adgadget column, but we decided to share it here. Axe's latest ad campaign features a team of technosexual females scrubbing down a dirty male in sexy-space-age-like suits. The commercial is for the Axe Detailer Shower Tool, made for those who like it a little rough in the morning.


That was innovative. It may reach men and their ladies. My wife bought Axe brand for me (I had no clue it was cool). The bottle looked unique, these days design goes a long way.

My girls love to go to the car wash and ride in side (they haven't seen this commercial). So, this has the adventure built in. Of course, I am married to my lady love for over 20 years, I guess she still searches for things I might like. I have experimented with the other scents, now there are many.

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Andy Valadez
StealthMarketer/The Marketing Evangelist
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