July 10, 2008

Playboy picks hottest female bloggers

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Playboy picks the top 2.0 girls that make them giddy. The short list includes Julie Alexandria, Sarah Austin (formerly Sarah Meyers), Veronica Belmont, Violet Blue, Amanda Congdon, Brigitte Dale, Sarah Lacy, Natali Del Conte, and Xeni Jardin. Though flattering, it appears that Playboy didn't clearly tell the "contestants" that voting by the public would determine who they would ask to pose in their publication. While some may be okay with the opportunity, others can safely shoot down any chance of that happening before the votes are in.

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Photo: Courtesy Brigitte Dale


Yeah, I wasn't told they'd be asking us to pose nude! HAH! They said they were going to do a feature on female bloggers, but like I said on the techcrunch post in the comments, we should have known better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered that anyone would want to see me naked (I guess) but I don't have the fortitude to do something like that ;)

very very nice....you.

lol super cute

very cute!!!


It's pretty nice,
and sad that Veronica was no up for that. :(