April 5, 2007

Six of the Best

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When I first stumbled across Shake Well Before Use I remember laughing out loud. I remember thinking to myself, "I can't believe she said that". So then I kept coming back. But it wasn't just the shock value -- and regular readers will know that there is plenty of that in store -- it was also the perception. It is like a laser or the crack of a whip. Often the commentary will be boiled down to a single line, while at other times, there is a willingness to engage and debate risky and provocative topics.

So, if you are new to Shake Well Before Use and Ariel's unique writing style, I would like to introduce you to my six of the best:

  • More to crave ... -- Racy topics and racy copy are a staple diet here, but I particularly loved "an overkill of innuendos".
  • If you are going to fuck up ... -- Sure there is plenty of racy copy, but let's be clear about the way to grab attention in a sea of RSS feeds. Create a headline with attitude.
  • Cockpunch the chumps -- Ok ... another great headline, but there is more. This post leads you through the reasons and then delivers a sucker punch -- "Viral marketing isn't about hitting as many people as you can, that's what TV is for". As Borat would say, "NICE".
  • Recipe for viral -- questioning what is considered "success" for online video.
  • SXSW -- In case you were, like me, unable to travel 15,000 miles to attend SXSW, Ariel provided excellent and timely commentary on events, conversations and panel discussions. Quite exceptional, actually.
  • Continuous mentioning of one handed typists -- you all know who you are and if you don't stop you'll go ... well, you'll go.


Agree with your intro para... The problem with SWBU is that it hits all the buttons: hosted by a hottie with brains and lateral, uninhibited style of writing. I say "problem" because Ariel is so sharp that there's seldom anything to add as a comment.

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