December 5, 2006

If you're going to fuck up, fuck up loud and big time

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peptobismol.jpgScott G pointed me to his article recently, calling a ban on hiring fellow advertising employees who are associated with what he deems to be "bad advertising":

"I also feel that those of us in the marketing, advertising and communication industries should refuse to hire anyone associated with these [see Pepto-Bismol, Charmin, etc.] campaigns. Creative, product management, research, media, and brand management personnel on these accounts should be shunned and forcibly nudged into another line of work more suitable to their lack of taste and talent."

Dare I ask, are you fucking kidding me? One of the few fundamental lessons I learned from a teacher was, if you're going to fuck up, fuck up loud and big time. Meaning, if you make a mistake, it is far better to proudly show it to the world than to cover it up or walk on eggshells so as to attempt to not make mistakes. This lesson also applies to blogging, as many of us risk parts of our careers simply by doing it. You will almost never be anyone in this business until someone has a backstory on you about "that one time you fucked up big".

I reject Scott's argument and substitute my own: don't hire people who haven't made mistakes or taken risks (even seemingly stupid ones like suggesting a Pepto-Bismol dance).

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