November 30, 2006

Recipe for viral?

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Picture%203.pngRolling Rock tells us to grab the low hanging fuit by the proverbial horns and play to the lowest common denominator. Initial commenters on AdRants seem to be raving over the latest YouTube craze involving an ape flying into a pool party and dancing with bikini babes while handing out beer.

Aside from the legal stupidity I mentioned about the lack of age verification for advertising alcohol, this video seems too easy. Seriously, it's not that hard to brainstorm "super awesome cool viral video" ideas for an alcoholic beverage. There were no risks taken. And while, mission accomplished, Rolling Rock played to the masses with an integrated TV and online campaign, the "viral video" didn't even get the beginning snorts of a laugh from others.

So, should viral be an EasyMac recipe to clickthrough success similar to TV, or should risks be attempted? What are your thoughts?

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