September 18, 2006

Go go gadget spy cam

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200608311752145.jpgWhile being an international woman of mystery or blogging a conference, it's smart to always have an array of gadgets at your fingertips. Engadget introduces the slim and sexy Alphacam, a multifunction USB device. This vixen comes equipped as a webcam, laser pointer, scanner, voice recorder, and portable visual presenter.

While most women have travel cases for make-up, I personally always carry around a little black case of various gadgets when I travel. I plan to attend the upcoming ad:tech conference in New York, and I wouldn't mind adding the Alphacam to my collection of spy gadgets to document the potential debauchery. Unfortunately, it seems that I would have to be a bit more of an international woman of mystery to pick one up, as they're currently only available in Korea.

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