September 1, 2006

Domino's delivers buzz kill marketing

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Picture%2023.pngHave blogs lost their power? Scoble contemplates that he may already be a has-been. But have positive blog posts and free publicity become just walflowers, hiding in their permalink shadows?

Last week, I made a post about Domino's latest commercial featuring the Domo-kun-like Fudgems brownie square. My friends over at DHADM also made a post about the topic and received a rather odd message this evening in the comments, asking for a 'thank you' to be sent to the Marketing VP's personal email address. Not sure if this is Domino's (or their groupie, Missy's) new strategy for buzz kill marketing but as .alphamonkey. so eloquently said, "Um, why?". Perhaps I didn't receive my thank you request in my comments yet because Domino's didn't approve of how their commercial reminded me of everyone's favorite Domo-kun anti-masturbation propaganda poster.

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