September 14, 2006

Television technology transforms into flipbook

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Picture%2010.0.pngThe 'evolution' of advertising takes one step back in order to move forward.

To the chagrin of media departments everywhere, DVR is consistently gaining momentum across their beloved Nielsen households. So far, the attempts to persuade users to view advertising commercials have been short-sighted, at best. Despite the buzz around KFC putting coupon codes in their commercials as incentive to maintain impression goals, they were still banking on the fact that one, anyone gives a damn about KFC, and two, anyone gives a damn about advertising. While there may be some who do, they weren't thinking outside the proverbial box. Mostly, they were trying to swim upstream the already established stream of user behavioral progression, rather than take it on as a new challenge.

Fortunately?, Colin Davies' "System for providing visible messages during pvr trick mode playback" leans a kind ear to advertising's cries. Advertising Per Frames (or APF, because I'm coining it and we all love our random buzz-word abbreviations to sound cool) involves embedding images in full frames that are shown when a user fast-forwards. While the advertising may lose some quality, it will gain impressions from the growing 'active' users of television.

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