September 12, 2006

MySpace whore on whore action

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myspace%20sexpot%20vs%20nerd.jpgLast month, Engadget reported on a 14-year-old who is suing her friend over a missing iPod. Don't be too quick to judge though, chumps come in all ages and sizes. This month's catfight debauchery involves a pair of MySpace whores.

ForBiddeN's failed attempts to get on the cover of PlayBoy landed a fight for the coveted, reservation-only 'Top 8' spot. Resident chump, who doesn't show his Top 8 because Tom won't even associate with him, bitched and moaned over not getting a spot after giving head "web design". According to Gawker, "Apparently the chief objection from Dolce's [ForBiddeN's] manager was that Michaud's MySpace photo is "super geeky" and "makes Christine look bad."" Alas, no lawsuit has ensued, but did they not catch the updates inbetween server downtime that allow you to have Top 24 now? Yes, now you have room to put up two dozen chump's photos that will stop one-handed typers dead in their strokes.

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