January 31, 2008

Waxy outs social media spammer

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royalfail.jpgSimilar to the search engine research conducted on SWBU last month to out a viral marketing campaign connected with PayPerPost, Waxy.org uncovered a social media spamming campaign for The Times (UK).

"Since 2004, The Times retained the established SEO consulting firm Sitelynx to handle their search engine marketing. Working on behalf of The Times, a Sitelynx employee posted thousands of links to community and social news websites, including Mahalo, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Metafilter, Yahoo! Answers, Ma.gnolia, and Netscape's Propeller. His actions were done without any disclosure of his affiliation to Sitelynx or The Times and were, in some cases, posted under the assumed identity of his wife."

Waxy goes on to include a breakdown of all the found accounts and number of links dropped on each. Needless to say, link spammers should learn that the possibility of being outed on blogs for poor conduct will result higher SEO rankings with negative content than all their hours of making new accounts.

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Eeek, that's rough. At FunAdvice, we'll post relevant information on blogs, that will help the blogger, but not constant spam. It's bad enough that my inbox is full of it, thanks.

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