January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tasting: Sensual Intelligence, Cell Phones and Sex::Tech

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Each week, Ariel Waldman serves a tasting of the latest in sex and tech.

Thermal Bras and Panties Could Boost Your Mobile Phone Battery
A new pair of underwear could use your body heat to charge your batteries. The prospect of using nanowires or microspopic strands of silicone has researchers convinced this may be the future of fashion. "This discovery could lead to special clothing that could produce electrical current for batteries in cells and handheld computers," reports Green Daily. While still a concept, the idea of electricity-producing lingerie is pretty hot.
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Sensual Intelligence Possibly More Sci-Fi Than AI
Like using your left hand, sex toys are now trying to mimic a foreign feeling by the use of an artificial "mind". Dubbed "Sensual Intelligence", a new down-there-device called SaSi uses a positive or negative button for the user to select what does and doesn't feel good. The device learns your preferences, but also apparently pushes your boundaries on occasion as well. Regina Lynn of Wired's Sex Drive column claims, "...I thought everyone would be clamoring for one, because frankly it's the closest thing to cunnilingus you can get from a robot."

Sex::Tech Starts Today
The Sex::Tech Conference starts today in San Francisco, focusing on youth education. With speakers such as Deb Levine, Anastasia Goldstein, and Nikol Hasler, the event is sure to draw in those in the know. Some of the sessions today covered "OMG!STDs: The New Frontier of Text Messaging for Sexual Health", "Integrating Technology Into Sexual Health Programs", and "Wired for Sex: Connecting People in the 2.0 Sexuality".


I like the idea of my summer clothing using a heat exchange to charge the batteries of my tech toys. I mean what better than a device that saps heat away from your skin to power energy hungry gadgets when you're in sweltering summer heat?

Theoretically you could capture the waste heat in a vehicle's exhaust system and use it to some, if even a tiny bit, of good putting some sort of charge into the battery since modern car electrical needs are far higher these days. Imagine weaving this stuff into the backs the blinds that sit between the panes of your double-paned glass windows. Then when ever you put the shades to keep the light and heat out in the summer you could increase your energy generation power (of course this would be in addition to solar cells on the roof).

"OMG!STDs: The New Frontier of Text Messaging for Sexual Health" reminded me of something. Textual intercourse: What are your thoughts, Ariel? Are there potential safety concerns? Should people use protection when engaging in textual intercourse?

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