February 6, 2007

Pigtails pulled, lunch money stolen

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arielmeme.jpgSo, I feel like the slow kid on the playground because I seem to be tagged rather easily in the "meme" games of blogcrapular tag. Blog tag is a crafty whore, for if you don't accept, you're an asshole, and if you do, you instantly receive negative points for wasting everyone's RSS time. I previously discussed the absurdity here. Anyway, the word on the hop-scotch-lined-streets is to list the "5 reasons why I blog", as originally tagged by Jeremy. Since I'm wasting your time, I'll spare you the rainbows-and-dafodils-blogosphere versions that probably most are using.

1. Because I read 200-600 blogs a day on average already for work
2. I now have an excuse for shit-talking ("Blogging is all about transparency, and you're just transparently an asshole")
3. You can only read so many Scoble blogging-blunders until you completely lose it
4. It's like I'm the only girl at a comic book convention
5. I needed another reason to make my coworkers give me weird looks

So, instead of tagging 5 unassuming bloggers, we're going to do this backwards. The first 5 bloggers that actually want (why, oh why, would you?) to be tagged, let me know, and I'll throw your link up here, and you can act all cool to your schoolmates about it.

Tagged so far: //engtech

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So far I've missed this meme, so why not?


They're all tagging you because of your pic, Ariel:-) And no, I don't want to be tagged, thank you very much!

Please do not tag em as I did you on that other meme game. I did not know it was called meme then, which is a way gay tag.

Steve is wrong. I tagged you not only because you're the slow kid on the playground, but you are the slow kid who can write, particularly the snide and sneer-filled ways in which you carry a theme, like your schoolyard angle in this post.

It's like "Don't say Hi!" out here in blogworld, all Middle School and stupid. Every once in a while you come across lines like: "and you can act all cool to your schoolmates about it."

So, yeah - the only girl at a comic book convention I guess.

While I believe in the power of Social Media, I refuse all future meme games and renounce all previous ones. Way too schoolyardish.

The above first line should've read: Please do not tag ME as I did you on that other meme game.

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