December 21, 2006

Hey, look at me, I blog!

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HowToWashWithAriel.jpgI power Blogger! Err, maybe not. Showing their true colors, the blogosphere proves their one degree of separation with a game of tag. Dragging their feet and whining "I normally don't do this" to make themselves appear 'so above these petty games', they wasted your precious RSS-readin' time. To that, I say, get the fuck over yourselves, you whine enough everyday as is. So your traffic sucks one day because you made a post that only stalkers, and in rare cases, people who secretly want to date you and thus Googled you, want to read.

Here's the background on the link-clusterfuck: Jeff Pulver started it, who tagged to Steve Garfield, who tagged to Zadi Diaz and Kevin Nalty, who tagged to Robert Scoble and Danah Boyd and Steve Rubel (but wait, didn't Jeff Jarvis link to Steve?), who linked to Steve Hall (who when asked said it was stupid to tag him because he's not going to play personal shit on his blog) then some other person who I'm not caring about who at this point linked to Niall Kennedy, Irina Slutsky, Ze Frank, and WMJ tagged me, la la la whatever. You can go to the Blog Tag Tree, but they just tag some advertisement of themselves at the end that I didn't bother to read.

So, without further ado, 5 things my blog readers may not know about me (I'm going with a chronological theme):

1. I'm somehow a long descendant of a King. I'm part Persian (though, I don't look it), and the family name on my mother's side comes from King Khosrov. My grandfather and most of my cousins were born and raised in Iran. Some don't speak English, so I someday would like to learn how to speak Farsi.
2. I'm a modeling school dropout - at the tender age of 13, it just wasn't a good fit.
3. I technically started coming into the agency I'm at now (VML) after being given a tour when I was 14 because I was deadset on being a graphic designer. I would come in on my spare time after school and on days off to play around with Adobe apps on the Creative Director's computer and be a little "cool hunter" of websites for him. At 16 I became an intern, at 17 I became a contractor, and finally at 20 I was officially hired (I'm fairly tenacious).
4. I used to be hardcore into the "rave scene" (but never once have done drugs). I started going to 2-3 a weekend when I was 15. At 16, I threw and promoted a few alongside a good friend of mine. Oddly enough, "underground rave parties" helped lead to my later calling in viral marketing.
5. I was a straight-A (99-100%) student in every Math class I took throughout my K-12 school career. Though I didn't enjoy math classes, there wasn't an equation or theorem I couldn't naturally figure out... it just seemed to always make sense to me.

For variously random reasons, I tag: Tony Pierce of LAist, the boys of American Copywriter, Regine of (who hands down runs my #1 all-time favorite blog) We Make Money Not Art, Stuart Wallace of DHADM, and a fellow-cute-blog-girl (Regine, Whitney, and I should start a club), Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy.

tags technorati :


To clarify, it's not that I think it was stupid to tag me, it's just that I have no venue with which to share my five things. Adrants is hardly a blog anymore. It just uses blog software to publish advertising news and opinion. Hardly the place for this. Sure, I could put my five things up there but I'm quite sure the ad industry isn't interested I had colon cancer in 2001 and survived or that I didn't lose my virginity until age 21 or that I have fleeting childhood memories of being in the woods behind my middle school at age 11 or so naked with a girl who was 15 or so at the time telling me 'it feels good" to touch yourself or that I've broken each leg once or that when I was a baby, my mother thought the birthmark on my right lower leg was a piece of shit that fell out of my diaper so she wiped and wiped and wiped until she realized it actually was a birthmark. And no, it doesn't look like a piece of shit.

So there you have it. My five things.

Haha, wow... perhaps TMI? ;)

Wow, Steve. Quite a tale you've told, you cancer-surviving, late-blooming, broken-legged shit-leg.

But you're wrong - Adrants readers go there for the snark factor as well as the news.

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