February 27, 2007

Britain asks for it in the face

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sperm-toys.jpgMoneyshots are no longer about the money in Britain. Great Britain is now asking that you show your face before you release the need. While money, cum, and a face usually make a delightful party, for many in the UK, it's less than encouraging. A little less than a year ago, the GB stopped allowing anonymous 'users' donate sperm. In the UK, at age 18, a sperm-orphan can track down their biological father. While some men may not mind telling little Annie that daddy really needed to buy a Nintendo Wii and that's why she has so many brothers and sisters, it might make others wince. As a result, Britain has announced that it is at a 'sperm crisis level', with only 169 registered donors in the UK last year. Perhaps they should try tapping into the Spermcube.

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