January 19, 2007

'Artist' creates global circle jerk

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spermcube.jpgWanting women to regurgitate the contents of their stomachs, a France-based artist has created the Spermcube. No beating around the proverbial bush, the artist Philippe Meste aims to produce a cube filled with 264 gallons (literally, 1 ton) of human sperm. Meste asks for men around the world to donate to his grotesque vision by providing donor kits online. While there's more than enough sperm in the world, usually the name of the game for most men is to keep it outside of 'the box'. While this box may not be as warm and velvety, at least it doesn't get knocked up.


Wowsers! That is some gross stuff. For some reason, the first word that came into my mind was "bukkake."


"In certain public indecencies the difference between a dog and a Frenchman is not perceptible."

- Mark Twain

I'm willing to contribute day in and day out provided that there is a satisfactory means of extraction available.

Yet, you would all let a child wonder at a pine cone or an acorn.

It's certainly different art. Creepy at first. But reflect on the possible artist statement. Think: there are trees on this earth 4000 years old that have given more to this planet and taken less. They record valid climate history. they give us the air we breathe

Check out the bristle cone pine, Methuselah.

And see if it deserves as much respect for its seed as your own species.

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