January 18, 2007

No rhyme or reason

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AD1.gifAt least it wasn't 'hold Justin Tumberlake's dick-in-a-box for an Xbox'?

Dane Cook thinks bloggers are cynical assholes. Maybe so, but even we write better jokes.

Previously: Wii puts Weight Watchers to shame: The After.

Greatest thing since for sliced bread, Toast Automatica.

No, I really don't care what you read today.


Thank you for agreeing that Dane Cook is a hack. So much hype over so little talent.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who dislikes Dane Cook.

(Of course, last week I said that there was nothing sexier than a woman who can drive a stick shift.)

Ariel, you have your first stalker. Congrats. Keep the shades drawn at night.

hee hee

I'm waaaay too self-absorbed for stalking.

Not worried... I can't drive a stick shift.

you are so FABULOUS ariel!

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