June 16, 2008

Pwned by Playboy

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Sex spreads. That should be the replacement adage of "sex sells" for the latest viral videos. Tired of chipmunks and chocolate rain, clips of the Wii Fit Girl spread eagle across the interweb in record time. Feeding off the fanny frenzy, Playboy's Jo Garcia attempts to pwn the Wii Fit Girl in a battle of panties and pigtails. Surprisingly, this very staged version doesn't have the same ass appeal as the original.


very awesome - i wonder if it will go viral. Its not nearly as good as the one the ad agency did a few weeks back.

Very smart of playboy, and impressive that they are that on the ball.

I agree, its too staged. The appeal just isnt there, and I find doubtful that it will go viral.

I'm guessing the first guy has a new opening in the girlfriend department.

Sorry, I meant the guy that posted the first video.

Nevermind, it was a hoax. Dangnabbit.

Way too staged. The original is the best.

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